Return of the King ?

We’ve all seen the leaked pictures of the next Call of Duty, a WWII title which has now been confirmed. The official reveal is scheduled for tomorrow, 26’th April. The franchise lost a lot of fans due to its insistence to go all futuristic and move away from its traditional real world settings.



The image that was ‘leaked’, depicts a soldier in WWII uniform, but if you check his eye’s closely, do they hide a secret yet to be revealed ? The hype train has left the station and is now picking up speed, and you know it when UK GAME bombard you with emails trying to get you to part with your money before you get any solid details.We got excited when we saw that picture, as did many old school CoD fans. A return to the boots on the ground game, fantastic. As usual if you “pre-order” the game in advance of its release, you can get access to a beta of the game. Traditionally the CoD games release around the last quarter of the year, and this one is no exception with November 3’rd 2017 being rumoured.


If you checkout the image on the Internet  (Material acquired by charlieintel) You can see clearly that this release date is pretty accurate. The game will reportedly be set in Normandy on D-Day and will have players battle across multiple iconic European locations. The story will supposedly focus on the “unbreakable brotherhood of common men fighting to preserve freedom in a world on the brink of tyranny” and will feature “bold, lifelike visuals.”


Now if this is true, and it looks pretty good to us. We are right to get a little excited about the Return of the King don’t you think ? The last time we played a WWII CoD game, was in 2008 with World at War. That particular game was a favourite of mine, and truth be known I miss it, I think we all miss it. Modern Warfare 2 came after WaW and was the foundation of the ACOG clans rise. So to see a return to its roots pleases us a LOT !

CoD WWII will include a co-op mode that’ll tell an original story separate from the main campaign. The multiplayer will let players socialize and interact with their friends and the Call of Duty community in “exciting new ways” and contain maps set on “many of World War II’s most iconic locations.”  Storming the Normandy beaches on D-day ? Let’s hope so. Without a doubt Activision have a winner on their hands here, despite the haters, and I was one of them during the “sci-fi” years. We are looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us, but we’re also reserving a little bit of excitement as it’s a CoD title and we’ve been let down before. No doubt paid dlc will be the norm as per usual with CoD games, or do you think there’ll be a shift away from this ? Tomorrow we want to be blown away enough that not only are we reaching for our wallets, but our blood pressure tablets too. PLEASE DON’T FUCK THIS ONE UP ACTIVISION……..

So set your alarms for 17.45 tomorrow ready for the reveal at 18.00 hrs UK time, don’t miss it. If you do it’ll be all over social media within seconds so don’t sweat it.





Two Fooking Years !!

Can you believe it ?! It’s been almost two years since we last put out an ACOGBLOG, such a travesty should have not occurred.

Where do we start ? In gaming a lot happens in three months, but TWO YEARS, jeez. Needless to say we, ACOG, are still about and plodding on at the pace us older gamers like. We were very excited by the remaster of Modern Warfare 4, and also the news that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out later this year.

Are we boring to say that we still mainly play, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty games ? Or is it just that they feel cosy and warm to us. The pace of modern online gaming has sped up slightly. Wall jumping in Infinite Warfare, and Titanfall 2 (Getting your Ticks out for the boy’s is still the best). Are both excellent by the way. The astounding graphics now presented to us by the Playstation Pro, coupled with a decent 4K TV. Well frankly, make the ol’ todger twitch a bit.


Anyone lucky enough to own a Pro will tell you how much better the enhanced games look and play. In our opinion, the Pro is what should have launched as the PS4 originally. Although it’s strange that Sony still don’t offer HD Blu-ray support for its flagship console ?

A good number of ACOG members still play regularly on a weekly, nightly basis.But with family & work commitments ever present.The number of hours spent playing into “the night” have dropped. It has nothing to do with wanting a warm cocoa and our bed we can assure you.It’s normally related to double vision !!

As a Clan, we remain committed to our ongoing survival and can happily say that since forming in 2009.We currently stand at 364 total ACOG members. All these are not active we admit, but it’s great to see that new (older) players still joining our ranks.

As we go public with this Blog.Tonight Tuesday 24’th January 2017, we have a new league starting on MWR. It’s about time we had some Tuesday night league action. To those guy’s signed up for the league, 10pm starting tonight 24’th running for the next few weeks. So make sure you’re ready and fired up.

New games coming that may tickle the old taste buds Include : Ghost Recon Wildlands in March. This is looking very good, and if you liked the FarCry games, then it’s gameplay system is almost identical.Personally looking forward to this in online co-op.

Today Resident Evil 7 comes out, and if you own the PSVR, have some clean under crackers handy you’re gonna need them.

Mass Effect Andromeda is another game that makes fans salivate, and with its 4K enhanced game play, it’s looking great.

For hack n’ slash fans, we have For Honor (Spelt wrong !!) and Nioh which may be worth a look.

There are beta’s suggested for Ghost Recon & For Honor, so be quick and see if you can still get signed up if you fancy them.

Ghost Recon website : Ghost Recon Wildlands

For Honor website : For Honor

We’ve also seen lot’s of internet chatter about Battlefront 2 coming sometime. I bought Battlefront as digital content, and just recently got the season pass too. But,for some reason doesn’t keep me coming back.Don’t get me wrong I love the Star Wars concept, it’s just that so many other games keep me interested more.

What is a laugh is Killing Floor 2 online Zombie killing action.That is a real scream, (literally) with fellow friends.

If like me you’ve taken advantage of the January Playstation sale.Your hard drive is full of great games that need your attention.Head over to the Playstation store before the sale ends as there are some bargains to be had right now.

Playstation store : Playstation Store Sale

So to all ACOG, we’re glad you hung around and we will endeavour to make a BLOG more frequently.Just like the old days.Keep watching and as always, any content you’d like to see just give us a shout in the comments.If anything else, this BLOG proves I’m still alive..

Uncle Albert out for now


ACOG is on the rise

Hello fellow ACOG members.

This month’s ACOGBLOG is going to start by talking about our beloved site and the mobile lives that we all lead. Visiting the site and contributing with your infinite wisdom is something that we admins would love to see on a daily basis. However, we know this isn’t possible,so for our daily contact Slickers has introduced Chatbox. Slickers has found a cross-platform Chatbox that allows us Android / Windows & Apple mobile device users to communicate. It’s early days, but it looks promising and could see the end of the old Quad app. Although Quad has served it’s purpose well, this new Chatbox will allow your input to display on the site and allow those desk bound Coggers to get involved. Nice job Slickers, great find. Go to the ACOG site and give it a try, or download to your preferred device here :

1. Apple : iTunes

2. Android : Playstore

Here you can find various chats to give you valuable input on your current game and generally join in the banter that ensues after a night on the PS4. Using this app is one way to stay in touch with your fellow “coggers”, but don’t forget to visit the main site on occasion and show it some love.

Join in, we’d love to hear your input


We’ve recently seen that a few of the most anticipated games on our calendar have been delayed. Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End has been pushed back to Spring 2016. Project Cars has been pushed back more than once and now comes out mid May this year. You can understand gamers disappointment when this happens, but this can only be a good thing, right ? I mean if you go back to the release of Battlefield 4, holy shit that game should have been delayed at least 6 months. It took DICE a further 10 months after release to get the game running anywhere near playable. They learned their lesson with Battlefiled Hardline, as this has only just been released and, fingers crossed, so far plays really well.,

Delaying games release dates, although frustrating is done for you, THE GAMER – for the experience they try to provide. It costs the developers and publishers a shit load of cash to delay a game, so it’s not done lightly.

So, prepare those driving gloves, (We said “Driving, NOT WANKING” ) and get yourself ready for what will undoubtedly be THE DRIVING SIM since the Gran Turismo series. The trailers and video’s already released look amazing and can fulfil our NEED FOR SPEED come May.

The same can be said for Uncharted 4. You don’t need us to tell you all what a fantastic franchise this has been. The 3 previous games have ALL delivered in bucket loads, and UC4 being on “Current-GEN” hardware, can only be beyond expectation. Uncharted has always delivered a believable story and characters, the story locations have been great eye candy, and the gameplay has always drawn you in. Roll on new release dates and DON’T delay them again, PLEASE !

Incidentally Project Cars has just announced that Fanatec hardware will be compatible with the game on launch. Never heard of Fanatec ? Take a look at their website here : FANATEC


As you’re aware, we’re sure you are.Our fellow ACOG Call of Duty players have been participating in the Clan Wars. These Clan Wars pit teams from all over the world against each other to prove whose best. Well, guess what ? Our ACOG COD AW gamers are pretty fecking good at it and have won a few of the Clan Wars in the Platinum division. WELL DONE GUYS and keep doing what you’re doing, having fun with your ACOG buddies playing a game you enjoy and proving “You’re never too old to game”. (PROMOTED – Diamond Division ? )

EGX 2015

Regular EGX ACOG visitors will already be aware that tickets for 2015 at Birmingham NEC are already on sale. The early bird tickets for the Saturday 26’th September are now limited, and the Virginmedia cheap early entry ones have already all sold out  !! If you plan on coming this year be sure to visit EGX soon or you’ll miss out.

Tickets can be found here : EGX Tickets

Splashing the Cash

This is just to let you all know, we are in the process of writing to various games retailers to see if we can secure a discount for ACOG members. We spend a lot of money on our hobby with games, DLC packs, accessories etc, that the bulk buying power of ACOG may have a bit of leverage when it comes to getting some money off. We’ll keep you posted either way, and if you have a specific retailer you think we should try, reply in the comments below the BLOG.

In the meantime check out : for information on their latest deal found on t’internet

New Members


A BIG HELLO to ALL our new ACOGGERS. Welcome on board and hope you enjoy your stay with the clan. You can check all the ACOG members online on PSN via the Playstation App, provided you accept friends requests from the regulars. We have a Platoon for Battlefield and there’s Call of Duty with Clan Wars. To join in just go online find the ACOG you want to join with, then check out their friends list to add anyone you would like to. If you see a username on the ACOG site then it’ll probably be the same on PSN. All we ask of you is that you have fun, and join in the banter when you feel comfortable taking the piss out of each other.

If you see above in the EGX section, a good few of us meet annually at the EGX which this year is proving to be popular. If you fancy seeing us in real life, buy a ticket and nearer the date we will let you know where and when we’re meeting on the day.

Star Wars Battlefront

APRIL 16’th !!!! Put this date in your diary guy’s. because The game will make its first public appearance at the annual Star Wars Celebration, this coming April 16-19 in Anaheim, California. If you want to catch the first glimpse of the game you will need to check out or watch our Twitter feed around that time @acogsocial for ALL the information. EXCITED !!!!!! Believe it or not but GAME are already taking pre-orders for the game which is due out Holiday Season (Christmas to us Europeans) 2015.Make sure you have this one on your christmas wish list.

Rainbow 6 Siege

If you’ve been watching out for news on this game, you will have noticed that a BETA is available if you pre-order the game or sign up via this link. BETA Sign up If you have been living in cave then this is your chance to sign up to have a go (hopefully) at what looks to be another great looking game. More info on this game can be found here

And Finally……..

She’s available for Birthdays, bar mitzvah’s and weddings !

Stay frosty fellas

Annnnnd we’re back !!

Hiiiyyyyaaaaa, ACOG members it has been a while !!


Unlike most of you ACOG members the author hasn’t been around much for the past 8 months, but that has now all changed. Some of you had been wise enough to pick up your new Playstation 4’s around launch, but some other’s among us didn’t, some of us chose to go along a different path…..


But that has now ALL changed and the ACOG clan has been once again reunited with lost members.



Although Battlefield 4 has had a very dubious and rocky period, it’s starting to come together with all the progress through the CTE (Community Test Environment) servers.This is of course gradually filtering down onto the PS4 which is good news for us BF4 players. The ACOG platoon has a very robust membership and of course now, thanks to CrazyGoldfish and members donations, we have our very own server up and running. We will endeavour to populate this server, but also make good use of it for our own private BF4 mini league which has just been proposed. If you fancy taking part then look here : ACOG BF4 Mini League

Battlefield Hardline it would appear will have another open BETA in January 2015, just ahead of its rumoured release in February 2015. Not having played the last BETA, I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store from this game. Personally I don’t believe it should have “Battlefield” in the title, as this may put hardened BF fans off.

GAMESCOM has just ended and Playstation had a great conference with lot’s of good news for the players. Full conference video

The Playstation 4 has given our ex Xbox One owners a new zest for gaming, and the line up of games is looking very strong

Next up for us at least, is Eurogamer Expo on Saturday 27’th September. We’re really looking forward to this one, as the likes of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4 and hopefully some The Order 1886 game play. Not forgetting The Division, DriveClub,Rainbow Six The Siege, GTA V, Alien Isolation, the list goes on. So if you’re coming down to the smoke this September, get your queuing legs ready. Oh and OriginalSin have a good nap before you come down this time !

Games we’re looking forward to :

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer reveal Trailer

Far Cry 4 Reveal Trailer

The Order 1886

The Division


Rainbow Six : The Siege

Alien Isolation

It will be a good time to be a gamer on PS4

If any of you fellow ACOG members need to search out a gaming deal, we can recommend @FrugalGaming on Twitter or visit their site here : Frugal Gaming for some money saving ideas.


You thought we’d forgotten this didn’t you…….


And finally for this time :




We are very late to the New Year Party this year and apologise for this unforgivable oversight…. Like F^ck, it’s been a busy start already and the BLOG got sidelined I’m afraid. However, we’re back !!

First up, hope we’re ALL okay, and no matter which gaming platform you’re on, we hope you are enjoying the “Next-Gen” if you’ve switched, and if you haven’t then rock on Tommy !!

Where do we start : So much time and so little to see ??? No reverse that…. So did you switch to Next-Gen or are you still playing your old loyal PS3 / Xbox 360 ? Was it Santa who dropped that new shiny in your lap ? Or did you have to sneakily stick one on your credit card then look suprised when DPD turned up ? (If you’re married you will understand the last comment)

The PS4 / Xbox One have brought with them a renewed optimism for the future of console gaming, albeit the future currently looks slightly brighter for the PS4 owners among us. Why say this ? Well, it has turned out that poor old Xbox One has some catching up to do in the hardware capabilities area. But none the less, the Xbox One is out there alongside the PS4 and doing a pretty good job of it.

Rumours abound about what’s happening to these systems and what can be achieved in the future with updates etc. Only yesterday, Microsoft announced the first of two updates for the Xbox One UI starting Feb 11, with the next one coming in March. These are to address some issues with the Party system,Battery level in the controller warning. (This is the 21’st century, we should have plutonium powered controllers not batteries!!) and HDD management to name but a few.

The PS4 has already received a system update 1.60 which included support for wireless headsets. So things are starting to bump along and in time the issues that you may find annoying will hopefully receive some love from Sony / M$.

Now we turn to the games : We will start with BF4. We are not going to dwell on it’s issues as DICE are actively trying to update and repair them on the fly. We are going to talk about the DLC for BF4, or the upcoming Second Assault to be more specific.

As an Xbox One owner I have been fortunate enough to have been playing these maps for a while and all I can say is, wow !! If you played : Metro,Caspian Border,Operation Firestorm and Gulf of Oman on PS3 and think you know these maps, think again. These maps are truly amazing to look at on Next – Gen. All these maps have been updated for BF4 with the addition of “Levelution” and dynamic weather, and boy what a difference it makes. For an example and not giving too much away (As if that’s possible with the internet.) Caspian Border is breathtaking on 64 man Conquest Large. The first time I went on this map I was just wandering around going “Ooo look at that, and look over there”. If you think you have it sussed how to take position C on the Hilltop, you’re in for a BIG suprise and a shed load of fun !!! Gulf of Oman changes the instant the sandstorm hits and you just revel in the shear fun of it all. So for those of you that are BF fans and have the PS4, hold onto your lugnuts boys you’re in for one hell of a ride !

COD Ghosts is our other favourite, and this game although again isn’t without issue, is a real time sucker. IW will hit us with a plethora of DLC and game modes for one and all to enjoy, and as always a real blast with your ACOG buddies. The Onslaught DLC is currently available on Xbox. with the PS4 getting it on 27/02. Extinction is a twist on the Zombies theme and makes for a tense bit of alien bug busting action. In this DLC on the map FOG you will be able to play as the character Michael Myers from the Halloween films, I love the fact that the Halloween theme song plays when someone changes to him and you know he’s after you.

Clan Wars is where ACOG have excelled this time and put us out there where we belong, in the spotlight. Congratulations to ALL the ACOG members that have done well in Clan Wars and hope you continue to do so.

Just released is Outlast. What we know of this game is that you will need clean underwear and a strong ticker !! Have you seen the trailer ? No, take a look :

Holy shit, this looks intense.

Coming next month on the Xbox One we have Titanfall, this game looks like COD with Mechanoids thrown in. There is a BETA being released on Valentines day, great timing that is. So we can give it a blast and see if it lives up to the hype it’s been getting.

This generation on PS4 will see : Thief, Metal Gear Solid:Ground Zeroes,Infamous Second Son,Minecraft,Watchdogs,Driveclub and Destiny to name but a few. The Xbox One will see : Titanfall,Watchdogs,Thief,Halo and Tom Clancy’s The Division among it’s releases.

Good times are coming in the gaming world on whatever platform you have chosen. Don’t forget if you are still on your trusty PS3 / Xbox 360 then some of these games are also being released for you, so you haven’t been forgotten.

Eurogamer Expo and Expoo 2014

These are two dates you may want to put aside in your busy calenders for the annual ACOG get together. Expoo will be on May 17’th, more details will be available nearer the time, and Eurogamer is running again 25-28’th Sept. Tickets will go on sale for EGX in April so keep watching here for details.

And finally :

Roll on the Summer

Until next time fellow coggers


We start this month with an apology : There was NO ACOGBLOG last month due to a few reasons. One, I got locked out of our BLOG for the best part of the month and two, by the time I got back in, what I wanted to say was too late to put  into print. But this month we have made up for it with some great content for your perusal.

November as we members know is ACOG Birthday Month. This month on the 14’th see’s our 4’th Birthday as a fully fledged A Clan of Old Gamer’s. Those of us that have hung on in there have made some great friends, and those that have made it to one of the many meets, IE: EXPOO or The Eurogamer Expo know what a great bunch of Old Gamer’s we are.

So Happy Birthday ACOG

As a birthday treat, possibly the BEST video you will watch this year !!

How apt that this month see’s us celebrate our Birthday with the launch of our favourite Next Generation console, the PS4. There has been a lot of debate on the “web” concerning the PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, but it is starting to become very clear there can only be one : The Mighty PS4 is standing out as a clear favourite for Next- Generation with gamer’s, including the current Xbox gamer’s. So be prepared for an influx of fresh players on the battlefield and the inevitable “you’re a camping fag” comments from the less mature ones in a lobby.

PS4 released in Europe 29’th November and 15’th November in North America.

The PS4 has been reported to support 8 people in party chat as is the Xbox One, so if you find yourself in a game with 10 ACOG and 8 are in a party, you will be able to talk about the other 8 as they wont hear you !! Just a heads up : If Darkdeceiver79 (Carl’s current XBL GT not his PSN GT) is ever in a party chat with you,he’s on the other side and he goes quiet and you’re playing BF4. WATCH YOUR TAGS he’s sneaking up on you !!

The Great PS4/Xbox One debate.(Xbox One is it all smoke & mirrors?)

Over on The Darkside, we Xbox guy’s have been pulling our hair out with indecision as news surrounding the Xbox One just goes from bad to worse. We have had a daily debate as to which console we are getting, some of us have swapped our pre-orders more than once ! But, and I think I can finally say that after all the shit we have read and seen, (or not seen in 1080p) it will definitely be a reunion with the Playstation come the New Year. Both the PS4 and the Xbox One have issues amongst gamer’s for one reason or another. But, for sheer hardware oomph it is clear that SONY will be taking our money. How can we justify paying £80 more for a console that simply cannot match what is on offer by its rival. Resolution issues aside, Microsoft appear to be heavily reliant on “The Cloud” and it’s ability to enhance the Xbox One’s capabilities. However, what if your Internet goes down or that it just isn’t up to carrying the bandwidth required. What then ?

Microsoft released an info video showing the UI / dashboard and how smooth it all looks & runs…. yea right.

This is where I am personally losing faith with M$ as they continue to pad out their product to look as good as the PS4, it aint gonna happen M$, so give up now !! Read this as to why : Thing’s aint what they seem The Xbox One will not do anything on release until the mandatory update is completed. So NO internet, NO gaming or watching DVD/Blu-rays ? WTF is that all about ?

Battlefield 4

It was no good, we couldn’t resist getting BF4 on our current gen consoles and it’s pretty good. Ok, like most games out for release today it has it’s “bugs”, but come Next-Gen all will be good.BF fans among us will love the fact that this time out it plays with a mix of BF3 and BFBC2. For those of you that are holding out to get it on next gen will NOT be disappointed, and those of us that are getting Next-Gen in the New Year we have all that to look forward to again. Some of us will have to start from scratch in the transition from Xbox to PS4, but at least will we have a familiarity with the maps.

CoD Ghosts

As we all knew it would, CoD Ghosts has been reported to have sold shit load in it’s first few days of release. I cannot comment on the games looks or playability, but from reading the chatbox & forums it would appear that it has mixed reactions among ACOG members. Like always when it plays well it’s great, but when it don’t we want to throw our controller at the TV. Let’s hope that it improves as we all want those heady gaming nights like on MW2 back.


A good few members of ACOG have decided to participate in Movember and raise some money for good causes. Well done guy’s and be sure to check out the forum links  : Team ACOG to sponsor your mustachioed favourites. Some of the profile pics have been corkers !

Star Wars / Battlefront 3

This is one game that I think we could ALL get excited about if DICE manage to pull this one-off. Gamesradar do this weekly series discussing what we’d like to see in a Star Wars game. Here is their latest episode showing some awesome ideas for the game  :

I’m buying it…..Also coming in December 2015 : Star Wars Episode VII.

Chewwy approves to

Do you fancy an R2-D2 watch ?

Saw this on Twitter and couldn’t help but post it here :

Are you a budding photographer ? Fancy winning a PS4 ? Then check out the Playstation Symbols Competition and enter before 23.59 29’th November to win.

If you fly Virgin America you may want to watch this Safety Video

Anyone know where this bar is ?

And finally……

That’s all for this month and remember : Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not,in fact, just surrounded by assholes. William Gibson

Stay frosty

September ACOGBLOG

Have you got a Wobble on ? 

Both the PS4 & Xbox One have strong game launch title’s with some of our favorites making a Next-Gen comeback, plus some new exciting IP’s in there as well. ACOG is predominantly a Playstation Clan, so it’s no surprise that the PS4 is the console of choice. However, there are a few “Darksiders” among the clan that have stated they will be returning to the PSN at some time later this year or in the New year. But recently one or two have had a wobble and become uncertain in which hardware to invest their money in.

The PS4 has been the clear leader since February’s reveal and when Microsoft’s made their May 21’st launch of the Xbox One, née Xbox180 it became clear that the PS4 was the way to go for ACOG. When Microsoft announced their DRM policy and unpopular always on Kinect, there was uproar among the gaming masses. SONY didn’t help Microsoft by announcing no such restrictions on used games or always on Internet check ins. Microsoft has tried hard to redeem themselves and win back some of their lost fan base with Day One Edition “extras” like FIFA14 or FORZA5 digital copies included in their bundle, SONY of course hasn’t had the need to follow suit. Microsoft have now uprated the CPU & GPU to increase its speed in all Xbox Ones in another attempt to recover sales and compete with the PS4’s edge.

Microsoft has today (05/09) released a new TV ad slot in America promoting the new Xbox One, which you can view below. But when you watch it, ask yourself this : Is it a game console I’m being shown ?

The answer to the above question is NO, you’re not. Microsoft is intent on promoting the TV / Entertainment features of the Xbox One above the game capabilities, or so it appears.

SONY meanwhile are able to sit back and wait for Nov 29’th without trying too hard. But what’s this ? Microsoft has said the Xbox One will release on 22’nd Nov, 7 days before the PS4 in Europe but that’s not the case in the US. Where the PS4 will release on the 15’th Nov, 7 days before the Xbox One. So we will be able to see how strong the sales and the ratio of sales will be in the US before we get them both here in Europe. If there’s one thing the Internet is good for is unbiased consumer advice …………… (Holding my tongue in my cheek there trying not to snigger.) Youtube will be full of fanboi videos of both systems, just wait and see.

We are not falling for any Microsoft marketing ploys, with their included freebies or  today’s news (06/09) of the revamped Xbox rewards scheme. The reason some are considering staying with Xbox is this : Have Microsoft actually got it right, and Xbox One will be THE console to have ?

At this stage it’s difficult to tell, as the information overload can make your decision-making paradigm unreliable. The reason for the current wobble is why some went to xbox in the first place, the gaming. By this we mean, XBL is a solid online experience, and with the addition of 300 000 servers this cannot be ignored. There’s also the games themselves, developers have mostly preferred the Xbox platform, and will this be the same of Next-Gen? The cross-platform games like CoD GHOSTS & Battlefield 4 are the games we’re concerned about, and these are the ones that will see the most hours from us as gamers. Platform specific games like DRIVECLUB or FORZA 5 will look fantastic on their respective consoles because they were developed for that specific platform.

SONY will step up and provide the gaming experience that we will come to expect of Next-Gen I have no doubt, as the introduction of the requirement of PS+ to play online can only mean better things for PSN users.

The most important opinion that will sway any buying wobbles will be their ACOG buddies. Although the Xbox contingent is small, but we have built up a great rapport and what one or two decide to do could greatly influence the others purchasing decision. The bond of ACOG brothers is strong, and having everyone back on PS4 for 64 players BF4 has surely got to be one of the most anticipated reasons to jump ship and go back to SONY. I for one do miss the fun of league nights and the after games. So if you are one of the undecided, wait for some genuine ACOG feedback from those who will have launch day models and take it from there, because in the end, its your gaming experience and YOU alone can decide that………..

 F*CK IT I’m buying the PS4 !!

Peer Pressure wins again ? 


Look at all this gaming goodness coming this November and beyond on the PS4 :

  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Blacklight Retribution
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Contrast
  • DC Universe Online
  • DiveKick
  • DriveClub
  • FIFA 14
  • Just Dance 2014
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • Knack
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  • Madden NFL 25
  • Minecraft
  • NBA 2K14
  • NBA LIVE 14
  • Need for Speed: Rivals
  • Pinball Arcade
  • The PlayRoom
  • Resogun
  • Skylanders Swap Force
  • Super Motherload
  • Tiny Brains
  • Warframe
  • War Thunder
  • Watch Dogs

Here are the rest of the games expected to release for the PlayStation 4:

  • Assault Android Cactus
  • The Rebirthing of Isaac: Rebirth
  • The Crew
  • The Dark Sorcerer
  • Daylight
  • Deep Down
  • Destiny
  • Diablo III
  • The Division
  • Don’t Starve
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Dying Light
  • EA Sports UFC
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  • FEZ
  • Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Final Horizon
  • Galak-Z
  • Guns of Icarus
  • Helldivers
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Mad Max
  • Mercenary Kings
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Mirror’s Edge 2
  • Octodad: Deadliest Catch
  • N++
  • Oddworld: New n’ Nasty
  • The Order 1866
  • Outlast
  • Primal Carnage: Genesis
  • Planetside 2
  • Ray’s The Dead
  • Rime
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Samurai Gunn
  • Secret Ponchos
  • Shadow of the Beast
  • Shadow Warrior
  • Sniper Elite 3
  • Starbound
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Switch Galaxy Ultra
  • Thief
  • Transistor
  • Velocity 2X
  • Volume
  • Wasteland Kings
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • The Witness
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order

ACOG GoogleWhack : Don’t forget that this competition is still ongoing and you can still enter by following the link and e-mailing your entry URL. A copy of BF4 & Call of Duty Ghosts is up for grabs on the platform of your choice, so get them entries in and win yourself some booty !

EXPOO 2014 is already being planned and a preliminary date has been suggested, so if like me you have to book your holidays 18 months in advance ! Keep your diary clear for that weekend, check out the forum for more accurate details. ( I am not saying anything about attending next year because every time I plan to go, it goes t*ts up)

EuroGamer Expo Tickets are now ALL sold out, so if you haven’t got one your only chance of being there now is in spirit. (Unless you’re going to splash out £100 for a £15 ticket on e-bay) The line up has been announced and with both SONY & Microsoft being there with their new consoles its no surprise its the hottest ticket in town. Those ACOG members that are attending, we ask that you fully test out all you can get your hands on and feed this back to us hungry for info on the day. CoD GHOSTS & Battlefield 4 are a MUST play and a look at DRIVECLUB and FORZA 5 would be good. So take plenty of cash as a pasty was £4.00 and a bottle of beer was £7 last year !! Have a great day and TELL US what’s going down when you play these.

Love it or Hate it : Marmite  GTA V hits the shops on 17’th and like every RockStar game before it, looks to be a real game changer. GTA Online will arrive on Oct 1’st and this is where you can crew up and take on the rest of the world for kudos, plus get yourself at the top of the ACOG hierarchy. Check it out, like FarCry 3 if you didn’t play that don’t miss this….. It’s going to come to Next-Gen at some point, they can’t afford not to.

While we are A Clan of Old Gamers, most of us do have children, and with your shiny new PS4 how about a new game for your little ones (Rated 12).



On 4 Sept in the US the “Final” episode ever of Futurama aired. Futurama has been a favourite of mine and I have enjoyed the lives of Leela, Fry, Bender, Amy, Dr Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth, Hermes, Kif and of course Zapp. There have been a few Finale episodes, but is this really the end ?

Did they or Didn’t they ? 

A quick test

What a Summer that was !

Whatever happens to our weather in the coming months, we can look back at Summer 2013 as one of the best in a very long time. This time of the year some celebrities start promoting their next years calenders. If you missed it in the chatbox, then check this out because this is not to be missed.

Kelly Brook 2014 calender preview and in case you want to see a snippet here is just one treat for you

Had a Bad Day ? 

So to end this month’s ACOGBLOG

Those of you getting GTA V on your current gen console, enjoy it. As its probably your last purchase before you go Next-Gen. To those of you not getting GTA V, there’s always this :

And lastly : “Dead or Alive you’re coming with me” Should Hollywood keep on remaking old CLASSIC films or leave them as what they are CLASSIC ?

Live long and prosper ACOG, until next time……


We’re starting off this month with a picture to make ALL red-blooded males happy

If you didn’t already know, Jennifer Aniston has a new film coming out in a week’s time called “Were the Millers” where she plays a stripper !!!

Were The Millers Trailer

In cinemas in the UK 23’rd August – take the wife / girlfriend

Oh okay, one more picture then

Back to business :

Firstly this month we remind you that the “ACOG whack” competition is currently ongoing until Oct 14’th, so you have plenty of time to get them URL’s into JC and beat the current leaders Bres & Cyber.  Check out the link for details of how to enter and the rules. The prizes are Call of Duty Ghosts & Battlefield 4 on the format of your choice,  so make the effort and have a go at winning a copy for yourself or a friend for Christmas.

The GTAV Lyrical Challenge Competition has now been won by : Cyber. (No prizes on backing the winner.)

Here is the full playlist of all the songs chosen in The Lyrical Challenge :

Thanks to those that made the effort to take part and win a copy of GTAV.  Enjoy your new game on release Cyber.

As Christmas approaches (only 18 more Saturday’s to Christmas) and the release of the next generation of consoles this coming “holiday season”, to use an American phrase. What is it that you would like in your stocking on Christmas morning ? First I’d ask, WTF are you doing wearing stockings ?

A plethora of games will be available for Santa to deliver to you, ok I lied, a small selection of games will be available at the time of launch on both PS4 and Xbox One. Check these links for full details of what’s to come for the PS4 & Xbox One . 

Interlude : Remember this fact

Do you know who this guy is ?

Yep, that’s the musician Example (real name Elliot Gleave ), who has had a string of successful songs & albums released since 2007. But, did you know that he was married ? And have you seen his Aussie wife ? If you haven’t, you will now, meet Erin Gleave

I’m staggered what she see’s in millionaire Example …………

A Next Generation of Competition

Trying to keep interest up within ACOG is difficult and a challenge at the best of times. The admin do their utmost to keep members interested in the site and organise various ways to generate numbers within our ranks. A new site, the ACOG whack competition are to name just a few. When the new consoles finally hit the shops and ACOG has adopted the PS4 among the general populace of members, we hope to bring you rejuvenated league nights of more than one game, across different genres. Again, we ask you the members that if there is anything that you would like to see being played in a league, or just for fun nights, let everyone know of your interest via the forums or cbox. It will probably be the usual suspects of hardcore members that participate, but we hope to see a few more of our 159 (current) members taking part.

EuroGamer Expo

Next month see’s the annual pilgrimage of dedicated gamers to London’s Earls Court for the Eurogamer Expo. The numbers of ACOG attending this year are down on recent years, but this is still an event to be at. The guy’s who attend this year will be lucky enough to get a preview of the Next Gen games and kit, coming our way in a few months. It will be interesting to see/hear ACOG members reactions first hand what they witness in the great halls of Earls Court. This year’s Saturday event will be on 28’th September and ALL tickets are now sold out for this day. We look forward to some live reports from the guy’s and wait with anticipation of their reactions to the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Just remember if you’re staying over for Expo in London, don’t post any underpants wrestling pics as we could be scarred for life.

A quick question :

I’m not much of a football fan, but I’m aware that Wayne Rooney (pictured below) is looking for a transfer from Manchester United. I’d like to know, where will he end up ?

Wayne Roony going to Chelsea ? 

Talking of Football FIFA14 will be released on 27’th September for PS3 & Xbox360 and for PS4 & Xbox One December 31’st (according to Amazon)

FIFA14 Ultimate Team Trailer

Looking to take the kids to the pool ? How about this ……..

There appears to be a lot of Cosplay at game events and we spotted this picture at one event and wondered WTF was this guy on ?


A mention this month to one of our long standing and popular members : Mr GarryMc. In case you’re not aware the big man is 40 at the end of the month, and we’d like to take this opportunity to wish him a very happy birthday and hope you have a great day.

Happy Birthday Mr Mc

(Sorry I typed in Scotsman and this came up.)

And lastly we’ll end with a Cheerleader. Why do we not have cheerleaders at football games here ? I’m sure they would be popular

Short and sweet BLOG this month, and remember : A megalomaniac is a person who is extremely full of themselves and overestimates their abilities.

Be Lucky ACOG



Competition Special

This is a Competition Special ACOGBLOG

Call of Duty : GHOSTS

Battlefield 4

There’s no doubt that these two games are the behemoths of the gaming FPS fraternity, and will be the stable gaming diet for ACOG members. Your opportunity to win a copy of each is coming right here. Read the following description from JC as to the format and digest the enormity of the prizes on offer.

Here is your big chance to win yourself a copy of two of what will be the biggest games on release day, for your shiny new Next-Gen console…..

Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4.

This would save you a whopping £110 on games you were probably going to buy anyway, but you’re going to have to earn it.

This is a competition where Google is not only your friend…. But your enemy too! Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to find as near to a  Googlewhack as you can before 14/10/13 when the competition will close. “WTF’s a Googlewhack” you may ask………

The definition according to Wikipedia is
“A Googlewhack is a type of contest for finding a Google search query consisting of exactly two words without quotation marks, that returns exactly one hit. A Googlewhack must consist of two actual words found in a dictionary. A Googlewhack is considered legitimate if both of the searched-for words appear in the result page”

Here are some example of previous Googlewhacks (though once registered they no longer are as Google will find the registration page):
–   ovulating kleptomaniac
–   inculcating skullduggery
–   silverfish showstopper
–   rigamarole hullaballoo
–   formaldehyde explicator
–   blithering clops
–   obsequious plumeria
–   pseudonymous cockatiel
–   necrophiliac cockatiel
–   cockatiel colonoscopy

But finding a true Googlewhack is hard, real hard! Therefore the winner of this competition will be the one to find the nearest to a true Googlewhack as possible. The nearest will be the one with the least number of results returned.

This website has more useful information on Googlewhacks. This site used to allow for checking and registration of Googlewhacks, but unfortunately this feature is no longer available. Therefore entries will be considered according to the rules below.

Rules For This Competition

  • Your Googlewhack must consist of exactly two words only, and must be submitted without quotation marks
  • Your search result page must include both words, though they can appear in any order, and not necessarily next to each other
  • Each of your two words must be a valid word which can be found in the online Oxford  Dictionary  under the category of “British and World English”
  • The modification of words into plurals to reduce result hits is not allowed (eg. “Episcopalian Gamelan” produces lots of results, whereas “episcopalian gamelans” does not)
  • In order to prove your Googlewhack you should submit a screen capture via e-mail to :  Your image should show the URL (Google website address) both the search terms, and the results. Photoshopping is not allowed and will result in your disqualification for the remainder of the competition.
  • Entries will be considered in the order they are received via e-mail
  • This competition runs from 01’st August and is open to all ACOG members, including admin (with the exception of JC) who joined before 31’st July 2013.
  • The competition ends midnight on 14th October 2013. Entries received after this date (according to the email receive date), will not count
  • In the event of a tiebreaker, words used which have some relevance to ACOG or gaming will taken in preference to words which do not
  • JC’s decision is final, and includes the option of splitting the one prize between two winners (one game each)
  • In the event that nobody finds any valid Googlewhacks, JC wins the prize ………. (Read the small print)
  • The previous rule does not apply
  • The winner(s) will be announced within one week of the competition end date
  • The winner(s) may choose to receives games for their current console if they have no intention of getting a Next-Gen console

This prize was funded from voluntary donations by ACOG members for the running of the site –Thanks Guys!.

Don’t forget the  button on the main page as the more excess money we have, the more competitions we can run.

Good luck, and good hunting!

So you see, this one isn’t a steal, you’ve got to work for the booty….. Join in to NOT miss out on this one !




We have a brand spanking NEW all singing, all dancing website !!! Hoooah …….


Thanks to Slickers & Monkums for doing most, oh alright, all of the hard work in getting us back to a forum based site. The NEW site looks great, and we’ve seen some re-visits from old long-standing members returning to the fold. Couple to this the interactive chatbox we now have and there’s no stopping us. The old Oxwall site ceased on Fri 28/06, so what you see now when you visit is the newness that is ACOG. Thanks must also go to Cyan & JC for assisting with the transition.

For our Technical ADMIN.


It get’s better

With Microsoft’s piss poor showing at E3 and the fiasco that has surrounded their DRM policy, ACOG members will ALL be re-united once again on the PS4.


As we are all looking to buy the PS4 at some point from launch to the New Year, here are the best deals available at the current time :

 Amazon £349.00 Link

 Asda £349.00 Link

 GAME £349.00 Link £348.98 Link

 Tesco £349.00 Link                                      

 Toys R Us £339.99 Link  Currently best price / deal

There aren’t many bundles available yet, but hopefully this will change as November draws ever closer.

GAME Bundle : KZ: Shadow Fall & Driveclub  

The list of games coming to the PS4 are here : Upcoming PS4 games these are expected to retail between £47 – £55 at the mainstream retailers.

For those of us returning to SONY PS4 from Xbox 360, we will of course have to also add the cost of Playstation Plus and a headset if your current ones won’t cross over. If you already have a compatible Turtle Beach PS3 headset, these will work with the PS4.

Much better

ACOG will be running a new competition to win NOT ONE, but TWO Next Gen games…. Yes, Two. The format of the competition will be announced soon,  and the prizes will be  :

1. Call of Duty : GHOSTS

2. Battlefield 4

Full details and entry will be posted on the ACOG forum soon, so keep checking as you do not want to miss this one guy’s !

This dropped 09/07 and it looks massive. If your a GTA fan, you’ll need this in your collection

Don’t forget as well as the forthcoming Next- Gen competition, we are currently running a competition to win a copy of GTA V.

Thought for the day : 

When someone mentions CROCS, do you think of these

Instead of these  ?

Man Caves

If you could have your Ultimate Man Cave. What would you have in it ?

That’s just one example of a Man Cave, but how would you fit it out ?

Large beer fridge, bar, 80″ 4K HDTV, a bank of PS4’s, large comfortable seats, a decent sound system, anything else ? Check out a few more :

So, WHEN you win the lottery and you need some inspiration check here : Man Caves for ideas.

Next Generation Games

In ACOG we have some big fans of Call of Duty, Gran Turismo & Battlefield games, and with the onset of PS4 we don’t see this changing much. What with the clan all opting for the PS4, it’s likely that KZ: Shadow Fall and Drive Club will be among the most played game along with BF4 & COD Ghosts.

The future of League Nights gets a bigger prospect as there will be a wider variety of games available once the system becomes established amongst us. If you have ANY ideas on how you would like to see League Nights develop or which games would be a good prospect, then let everyone know in the Forums. Don’t forget that we ALL as members of ACOG can start a gaming night, just let others know what you fancy and get some interest going amongst the rest of us. As a returning member to the SEN with the PS4, I’m excited to once again join in with ACOG league nights, be it on whatever game we choose. (Project C.A.R.S in 2014 maybe ? )

Second thought for the day

You can’t have everything….. Where would you put it ?

Star Wars : Battlefront

If you’re a Star Wars fan this is one game that you can’t wait to get your sticky mitts on in 2014, hopefully. The teaser trailer below don’t show much, but it’s enough to get you salivating for some Hoth action. The makers of the Battlefield series DICE are in the driving seat, and I for one have no doubt that this game will be incredible. The Force is Strong with This One….

I get goosebumps watching this

So guy’s, exciting times ahead, not only with the arrival of Next Gen but within ACOG as a whole.

If you would like to contribute any idea’s or articles to the ACOGBLOG, just let us know and you can have your words of wisdom right here for all to see.

For all those ACOG with daughters :

Employee : Sir, you called me?
Boss : Yeah, go to the restroom and masturbate.
Employee : (After a few minutes) Done sir.
Boss : Do it again.
Employee : Done again, sir.
Boss : Do it once more.
Employee : I don’t have the stamina for it, sir.
Boss : Very good, here is my car keys: drop my daughter home for me.

Asta la vista baby ……….. I’ll be back