In this month’s ACOGBLOG we have some Expoo 2012 thank you’s to mention. Everyone who attended wish to pass on their grateful thanks to Poo, Slickers and Rebel.

Slickers set it all up.
Rebel ran the comp (until he was a tad worse for wear)
Andy did the Shooting range.

A HUGE THANKYOU must go to the following as well :

Grandparents George and Annie Illidge for allowing strange men onto their property in the first place.
Sue and Keith Lee for making the delicious Hotpot for all. (TLPN for eating at least 4 bowls full.)

Slickers on making the  Bacon buttie’s in the morning.
Grandad George who provided unexpected tea and 2 big jugs of coffee in the morning which went down a treat.

We should also mention that Grandad George put a new back wall into the shed, new floor and painted it all. Cut the grass for us too which is no mean feat for an older chap – He’s most definitely an honorary ACOG!

Thanks also to :
Deso and JC who got the gifts, took the money and generally got Slickers arse in gear when the clock was ticking pre-day
Deso also did the golden tickets for the day

Monkums & Digital for providing some prizes won by Sagar (Black Ops 2 on release and Rebel for the Experience Day)

Sonic and Cyber lifted the rather heavy drinks bar into the room at the start ( at huge comedy value to Slickers)

Big thanks to everyone who brought equipment.
Big thanks to Sagar for the car boot load of alcohol.
Joey Dagnall for the loo and the phantom shitter who stank it out.

So it has to be said that  it was no mean feat to get this all up and running for ACOG’s pleasure, but well done all.

If you check out the forum here : Expoo Forum Pictures  you will see what a great day/night was had by all who attended, and we are looking forward to Expoo 2013. These events bring together what was in effect a bunch of strangers who had a desire to play video games. With Expoo and the meets at Eurogamer_Expo, ACOG is officially a Social Club for the discerning gentlemen. As ACOG goes from strength to strength with new member input, any new recruit can see that we are here to stay, and not just “some blokes on the Internet”. Gaming has now become secondary to being a member of ACOG as the chatbox regularly see’s with us getting more involved in each others lives.

The next “Meet” will be at Eurogamer_Expo at Earls Court London on Saturday 29th September. This year the event is being sponsored by Virginmedia and if you are one of their customers you were able to buy early bird tickets. Entry with these tickets will be allowed from 10am instead of 11am. Slickers & JC will be my guests at this year’s event and I look forward to sharing a few beers with you guy’s once again.

Around the Net

You may already have seen that if you pre-order Black Ops 2 for November release now, you will get the map Nuketown 2025. Nuke town was a big favourite on the original Black OPs, so it will be interesting to see how this map has been updated to 2025 as advertised.

50% of MW3 DLC deal, slap in the face for Premium Elite members ? 

On the recent blog for Major Nelson it showed a 50% discount on all existing DLC content for MW3.However, this was hastily removed from the site. Full details can be read here :

EA is “going to be a 100% digital company”

EA Labels President Frank Gibeau recently told Games Industry International that the Company is at a tipping point after last year’s digital download only revenue went over $1 billion. Read James Brightman’s article here : Frank Gibeau Interview

Almost every week there is a “new” rumour around the net about XBOX720 ( Infinity) or PS4 hardware release dates and speculation of their respective specifications.

Development on the PlayStation 4 has been tracked back to almost two years ago. The LinkedIn page of a former Sony research and development director (via Videogamer) indicates the firm has been at work on its next-generation PlayStation since at least August 2010. Read the full article here : Eddie Makuch from Gamespot

Are you a Playstation Plus subscriber ? The update coming tomorrow July 4’th to the SCEE will include Deus Ex : Human Revolution for free until 1’st August. If you don’t l=know much about Deus Ex, watch the video below for a taster :

If you haven’t seen MiB3 yet catch it quick here before it’s removed :

It’s been a fairly crap summer so far, so here’s something to cheer us all up:

As it’s Wimbledon : New Balls Please. (Plus bonus video)


Just click the link. (May not be suitable for work or wives)

And Finally :  

We all know Cyber walks his dogs regularly, but would he walk this ? :

Mugly the Ugliest Dog 2012

I couldn’t leave you with that picture, could I ?

Until next time


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