Well it’s here…. The Olympics start today, so for two weeks we may or may not be watching the worlds greatest athletes compete for glory. The opening ceremony promises to be spectacular, but after Beijing , it’s going to take some beating.

All details of the events schedule can be found here : Full Event Schedule

The Beach Volleyball is always a fan favourite so here are some of this years contenders :

Zara Dampney Team GB
Shauna Mullin Team GB

Do you fancy yourself in the 100m final ? Then why not give London 2012 the official video game a try out.

London 2012 The game

Choose to take part in the Shooting,Athletics,Archery,Swimming or Kayak, plus many more. If you want to know more you can visit the official game site : London 2012 The game  here.

Here is why we will be watching…mostly !

Click this link for Michelle Jenneke

Thank’s to StJimmyEFC for that one !! (It was worth adding to The Daily ACOG as well).

We have already had a few events including the Team GB Football women and men’s opening games. The women’s team managed a win whereas, the men’s only managed a draw against Senegal. Read the latest here from The Guardian.

The Daily ACOG

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Back to what we do best : Play games (and moan a lot!)

NEXT-GEN…… This gets a lot of attention in the gaming community, and some seem obsessed by it. Here are a few articles on the latest rumour & wishes of some of the contributors :

  1. The Gamer Access : Nick McCandless Playstation 4 and XBOX 720 to be blessed with Mods.
  2. Techradar XBOX 720 release date and rumours 
  3. Gamerant Next-Gen consoles will be unveiled next year

That is just a few of the countless articles and posts on the subject. Are you looking to replace your PS3/XBOX360 already or are you happy with what you have ? We all like a new gadget, especially a shiny new console, but at what cost ?

Do you fancy Dead or alive 5 ? WTF am I talking about ? Take a look :

Any good ?

If you visit this game store in France, would this carpet mess with your head ?


Gran Turismo 6 in the making : Kazunori Yamauchi  reiterated that he and his studio always have their eye on the cutting edge of visual expression—which probably means Gran Turismo 6, whenever it’s finally done, will look impressive.


This years Eurogamer_Expo is not too far off now : Saturday 29’th September is our normal ACOG meet day. So what’s in store for us on the playlist

Check out the what’s on site to see if your anticipated game will be playable. Assasins Creed 3, Tomb Raider are but 2 of what’s on show and playable this year, as the time approaches I’m sure there will be more games announced.

Tickets are still available here : Expo Tickets although it is reported that 20,000 tickets have already been sold !

For any stat heads out there, here is a site showing that at last the XBOX360 is as reliable as the PS3 : No Fuss Reviews Includes PS3 failure rates.

And Finally……

What really happens in Afghanistan & Iraq :


Until next time