What a great start to October for ACOG. We have got an active Facebook site, a Daily newspaper and now a shiny new site!

While the old site suited our purpose the new one has more social integration and allows members…..No, encourages members to be more social with their content.
A great deal of time and effort has been put into this, mainly by Slickers who deserves a huge thank you on our behalf.

Other members have contributed with their ideas / time and input as well, and for this we are grateful. It may not seem it but a lot of time and effort by the admin goes into keeping your favourite clan site running and engaging.

If you need to know “how to” on the new site, Slicker’s has posted this Tips n Tricks entry for you

The latest season 11 is well underway on MW3, and with the near imminent release of BLOPS2, season 12 already has a listing in the groups section of the new site. (See Tips n Tricks) You can link directly with all the ACOG social media from the top menu bar, so you have everything to hand.

Some members have been noticeable by their absence, but lets hope the new site etc, will encourage them to put in an appearance in the cbox.
The site will develop and evolve as we progress and that can only happen with your continued support and input.

There’s some great games on the horizon not only on PS3 but XBOX as well. Medal of Honor:WarFighter  just had it’s exclusive beta on the ‘Darkside’, and most of us enjoyed it, here’s hoping the full game used the beta data usefully.

You can check out the BETA feedback here : Medal of Honor Warfighter BETA TEST DATA (Released in the UK 26’th Oct)

This week (16’th Oct) see’s PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale get’s a demo for PS3 owners to try out. It looks a bit like Streetfighter, but with all your favourite PS3 characters.

What with MoHWF & BLOPS2, the already released F1 2012, then FarCry3 , NFSMW and on XBOX, Forza Horizon, all coming soon. A  plethora of new games, a new site and a buzz back in ACOG. We can look forward to our 3’rd birthday next month and some decent game nights once again.

One game that has drawn some great interest among us is FIFA13. ACOG FC play regularly,with some good video coming from their games, which is thanks to Andy (STJimmyEFC). The goal of the week competition is a  feature I enjoy even though I know Feck all about Footy.

There has also been talk of an FFA league on XBOX with the release of BLOPS2! As well as a cross platform competition. I’m personally pleased about this, but I didn’t intend getting BLOPS2, peer pressure eh!

So let’s look forward to this new era within ACOG, and get some great game nights going once again.

I hate to say it but, Christmas isn’t that far away now. As the BLOG mentioned earlier there are some great looking games coming our way, so here is a proper list for you to check out :

   Released 26’th October. This is a follow on from the 2010 game which played good, but had a few issues in it’s multiplayer. The recent BETA hopefully addressed these and have been corrected in the full game.

Watch the Medal of Honor Warfighter single player footage first revealed at E3 2012. Tier 1 Operators land in Somalia’s Pirate Town in an effort to bring order to the country’s southern region.

  Released 13’th November. This game is a bone of contention among us. We have had some bad experiences with the last few COD games since MW2. But, this one is looking increasingly better the nearer the release date gets. It was announced that ELITE will be free with this, but the Map packs will be available at a discount with a Season Pass, or available seperately. The rumoured cost of the Season Pass is £34.99 currently, and as yet no price has been validated for the Map Packs. Although we are wary of any more COD failures, I believe this one will end up in your collection, “eventually”.

Black Ops 2 Gameplay : Extended Footage Mission 1

  Already on sale. This game has had some success amongst ACOG, but will it drum up enough support this time around?

F! 2012 Champions Mode – Lewis Hamilton Challenge (XBOX360)

  Released 4’th Dec. At the recent Euro_gamer Expo we managed a few minutes on this, and we have to say it is pretty good. This is an open world game and allows you to immerse yourself in the game in whichever way you decide. The multiplayer is 4 player Co-op, so there is some fun element to be had with fellow ACOG’s.

FarCry3 Open World Design

  Released 30’th October. If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out below. This looks like it has potential for some great fun online with friends. It looks a bit like a Burnout game which gave us some laughs when playing it.

Need for Speed, Find it Drive it

  Released 26’th October (XBOX only) The recent demo allowed us to try this one out and it looked fantastic. This is set in Colorado and again it’s Open World, allowing you to free roam and race wherever / whenever you want to. This has some great online game modes, including the “Rivals” which pits you against your friends list to beat the best times set.

Forza Horizon Official Gameplay Trailer

So all in all, some good games coming our way.It’s just a case of “choose wisely” and your gaming nights with ACOG will be full of banter & laughs.

On a membership note : The Admin will be amending our site Netiquette to include a section of the following statement :

The admin recently had to suspend an ACOG member for repeat violations of our forum Netiquette. We will add that if any ACOG member is serving a suspension / ban, then they will not be included in any ACOG events during that period. We are NOT trying to tell you who you can & cannot be friends with online, just that we ask you abide by any Admin ruling concerning ACOG events. (This includes ACOG league events.)

Again these Netiquette guidelines are there to make using and participating in ACOG a pleasent and friendly experience, if you feel you need to reaquaint yourselves with the guidelines, they can be found here : Netiquette

And finally : If you are not aware, we also have The Daily ACOG SPORT EDITION which runs alongside it’s sister paper. This SPORT EDITION will now include all your favourite lady pictures. The SPORT EDITION will NOT be posting any of these pictures to our Facebook page , so you can be assured that they will not show on your personal timeline. You can access it via the Daily ACOG link when you are looking at that. This will now include such lovelies as :

Melissa Debling

Alli Marie

plus many more……


Over and out for now


P.S Don’t forget if you wish to contribute to the ACOGBLOG or even have a news item you feel needs to be included in our newspapers, then let us know via the site PM, or email : acogsocial@mail.com.