Well, It’s our Third Birthday.

Happy birthday ACOG.!!

Well who would have guessed it…. We’ve managed 3 years as a CLAN, and in that time some great friendships have been formed.

Although ACOG predominantly consists of its core regular members, we have picked up some new friends along the way. ACOG’s common interest is gaming (& beer), it has become a very social site where we can dip in & out of conversations on a daily basis if we want to. We’ve also got members on multiple platforms now, PS3 & XBOX . This would have been unthinkable in our early days, as the XBOX was a dirty word ! but the XBOX side is growing and  could always do with more members.

We have our Facebook page and our @acogsocial / @ACOGClan Twitter accounts to reach other like minded “older gamers” as we continue on. Although I’m not quite sure where we picked up the 14yr old Yank kid ? ACOG is a lot of things, a gaming Clan, a social club, and a place to visit with friends for a chat. But above all, ACOG is here for its members to participate in and enjoy. WE are ACOG and we’re here to stay. So have a birthday drink and raise a bottle or two to Old Friends on our third birthday.

Cheers, and Happy Birthday ACOG

To all our long standing and new members, We Thank You for sticking around and for joining us.

On this day in History: 14’th November

1972 – Blue Ribbon Sports became Nike.

1975- Queen played the first of two nights at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool, England, the first nights on their 78-date A Night At The Opera World Tour.

1975-Born on this day, Faye Tozer, Steps

1981 – 2nd Space Shuttle Mission – Columbia 2 returns to Earth

1987-T’Pau started a five week run at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘China In Your Hand.


We will endeavour to have a few more organised events/competitions in 2013, whether they are online game nights, or physical meet ups in the coming 12 months. Keep an eye out on the Main page or our Facebook page for any details.

Speaking of which :

ACOG Christmas Drink

15’th December in the North ACOG constituency’s for the Christmas Drink with as many of you who can make it. – If you can go, check out the Forum for more details.

Upcoming Competitions

You may have seen a Forum post requesting some info on whether you have children and what age’s they are. Well, here is what’s going to happen. Starting in the New Year there will be regular competitions for ALL ACOG’s to enter to win Prize’s for your kids ! The prize’s will be appropriate to their age’s, hence the questions you answered. The competition will be fairly easy and will consist of simple questions / multiple choice like the one’s you see regularly on TV.

A selection of the prizes that will be available starting January 2013 :

Remote Control Cars


Magic Tricks

Remote Control Helicopter

iTunes Vouchers

3D Magic Colour n Glow

That is just a selection of what you could win for your kids, so keep watching the site and our Facebook page for details.

Black Ops 2 came out yesterday, and early indications are favourable at best. A league will be starting next week Tuesday (20th) on PS3, with an FFA league happening on the XBOX too at some point. I’m sure there will be some test nights as we get to grips with the set up of this new outing.(Those holding out….. What you waiting for ? *see below )
With this new COD game, we’re hoping the league will run smoother than previous attempts on MW3 and we return to the heady day’s of our MW2 game nights. The Zombie mode may well feature more heavily this time out as well, because Treyarch have devoted more standalone content into the Zombie mode. This mode could give ACOG some FUN gaming nights, we had a few on XBOX with the original BLOPS and they were a real laugh.

With BLOPS2 also comes the free ELITE this year, so we can probably make more use of its stats for some internal clan competition(s).

So, have you bought Black Ops 2 yet ? Is it living up to the hype or is it meh  ? The CBOX has been full of comments about the game, but what do you really think ? *Have you held off until another ACOG gives it the thumbs up ? Whatever you’ve done, you know you will end up with the game just to join in the fun/moaning. Won’t you !— PEER PRESSURE FTW

Hopefully this will get fixed asap

Sagar received his BLOPS2 Hardened Edition Prize for Winning the Expoo 2012 FFA Competition on release day.

(Waiting for picture Sagar)

Hardened Edition Contents looks good

Christmas is coming

What’s on your Christmas list this year ? We’ve found a few items that you might be interested in asking Santa for :

1. Pioneer DDJ-WeGo for all the budding music enthusiasts / DJ’s among us  From :  £230

2. VooDoo HooDoo Mountain Bike (2012)  Around £500

3.  Renegade Game Chair Around £230   

4. Spirits Dispenser Around £25

5. Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control Around £59,99

Better than socks don’t you think….

And Finally :

‘Cat Man’ Dennis Avner has been found dead at his home after reportedly killing himself, according to friends.

The U.S. Navy veteran spent years undergoing radical body modifications including whiskers, ears and a mechanical tail, so he looked like a feline cat.

His efforts won him a Guinness World Record and he was a regular feature at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! around the world.

The 54-year-old’s body was found in his Tonopah home on November 5.

That’s it for this month, see you all back here for the Christmas Edition