Merry Christmas ACOG

In the words of the great Noddy Holder, It’s Christmaaaaaaassssss ! Another 12 months have flown by and as we face the inevitable over eating fest that is the Christmas season, not forgetting the over indulgence of the falling down water either.

Last Years ACOG Christmas Drink ? 

It’s time to reflect on what has passed in 2012.

In ACOG we have had another series of game letdown’s, by the so-called AAA titles that promise us everything, but deliver so little. I don’t need to name & shame the games as we all know what one’s I’m talking about. Bollock’s, yes we will name & shame : MOH:WF,FIFA13 and the latest from Call of Duty :  Black Ops 2. But is it a letdown ?

Black Ops 2 is the game that we Love to Hate, It infuriates us when we play it, yet we keep coming back for more. What is it about the COD series that enchants us ? I for one was determined NOT to rush out and buy BLOPS2 on release, and what happened ? One week after launch it was in my game collection thanks to peer pressure ! Now I find myself playing BLOPS2 every time I fire up the Xbox, and what has become of my beloved BF3 ? It has had a few short outings, even the latest Aftermath DLC has failed to suck me back in completely. My friends are playing BLOPS2 with regularity and when we are all in the same game we do extremely well, mostly finishing as the top 3 or 4 in the match. The Zombies are great fun with friends and add that extra level of gaming that you just don’t get with some other games.

That right there is the appeal of Call of Duty. When it play’s well, it’s bloody brilliant, but when it plays bad you want to throw the controller across the room. You can mess with settings until the cows come home, it wont help you one bit. If the LAG fairy is visiting you that particular night then you’re fecked ! The game for me has great moments, the SP has been particularly good this time out, and it has drawn myself & friends back into it’s clutches. BLOPS2, what the hell, you’ve won me back….. Everything you want to know about BLOPS2 

What have we to look forward to in 2013 ?

If none of those float your boat, then perhaps we should all turn to this :

DarkHorse of 2012

For those of you that still need reminding about a game that you may just be missing out on, FarCry 3. This game is one that you shouldnt miss and get in the January sale. This massive Open World game has more content than you can shake a stick at in the SP mode. As well as 4 player Co-Op there is also Multiplayer for up to 14 players online. If you visit YouTube and watch the FarCry3 video’s, you will see what a fantastic looking game this is, and if your were / are a Red Dead Redemption fan, then this is right up your street. Trust me, if you see this game available in the sales at a knock down price, grab it and have yourself some fun without worrying about your K/D.

Of course we have the rumour’s that the Next-Gen consoles will arrive before the end of 2013 if the Internet is to be believed. But what games will we be playing on our shiny new high-speed gaming goodness ? GTAV is amongst the most anticipated games of 2013, but this we already know will be out on the current Gen kit, even so, it looks great. Tomb Raider is also due out in the spring, and probably the inevitable next Call of Duty in November. But will the next COD be out on Next Gen for Christmas 2013 instead ? If that happens then it might well be worth getting excited about.  Battlefield 4 is one I’d like to see on Next Gen kit for sure, as long as it don’t go too far into the future. Perhaps back to WWII again ?

It’s NOT ‘The End of the World’, (see what I did there) when a game is a let down after the anticipation and media hype surrounding its launch. But you at least want something back for your £50, don’t we ? When you buy that new release now, it inevitably comes with a day one patch and a season pass costing more hard-earned cash. That shiny new game end’s up costing £80 and it’s still not right. As a CLAN we rely on a stable & enjoyable game that will appeal to all our members, and give us that online buzz / laugh out loud moment we all want. We’ve spent a shitload on COD, FIFA and others, so let’s hope that 2013 will bring us that one game that will stand out and make us go mad for our controllers.

Well, the 21st December is nearly upon us and if you believe the Mayans we will not see the 22’nd December(Cough,,,Bullsh*t). Is there a prediction that you can make for the future that will at least have a chance of being true ?  The funniest prediction will win a mystery prize. Post your suggestions on our Facebook page in the comments section for the Prediction’s Competition and the winner will be selected by December 22’nd.

I predict a riot will NOT count !!

What is it that you’ve asked Santa to bring you this year ? Are you getting novelty socks again ? Or are you likely to get something useful ? Let us know what you get over Christmas, so we can all drool over that new tech you received.

We all love a funny furry animal but this takes the biscuit :

New Year resolutions, do you bother ? This coming year 2013, I as an admin, resolve to get a few more ACOG onto the Xbox, whether they are current members or new ones so we can get a decent league / regular game night going on at least one game. We as a CLAN / Site will give away some goodies for members and their children starting in January and this will continue throughout the year. We may even be able to fit in a few proper competitions like the Uncharted one a while back. ACOG is the place to be for the craic and friends throughout 2013 and beyond, so tell those friends that have dropped by the wayside (old & new) to look us up again and join in. The admin do their best to keep ACOG running as do our regular members, but new blood is always welcome, unless it’s that bogus female that keeps joining up ! Who is she ? Post a picture at least FFS !

Recently another gaming site that was a spin-off from one of our old friends Gamerdads imploded big time on Twitter (GamingInn). From what I can make out is that the site owner / community manager decided to add a get out clause for anyone joining and leaving the site. This get out was to charge £30 for the privilege of being a member if they decided to leave. Well, as you can imagine this went down like a lead balloon and now the site has virtually zero members. This is one thing that ACOG will NEVER do ! We have been going strong now for over 3 years and we have all become great friends, so remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the gaming clan fence. ACOG rocks !!

Do you use Google ?

Mad Mary was whizzing around the mental hospital in her wheelchair when she was stopped by Crazy Carl. “Licence please,” he said, Mary sped off round the corner and bumped into Looney Leon. “Insurance please,” said Leon. Mary zoomed off until she was stopped by Donkey Dave who was standing there naked with a 9 inch hard on. “Oh no,”cried Mary, “Not the breathalyser again!”

New Year celebrations planned ? Look up these deals for a night of cheap drinking before the Government spoils it and knocks cheap booze on the head :

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2013 promises to have some great film releases coming our way. Here are a few to look forward too :

The Lone Ranger

Man of Steel

The Last Stand

A great DVD / download for the kids this Christmas :


A festive and finally :

Merry Christmas guy’s from ALL the admin and have a great New Year


PS : Please remember a doggy is not just for Christmas….It’s a great position all year round!