Welcome to 2013

The New Year has well and truly begun, HMV has hit the skids.

Also Jessops, and now Blockbuster have followed suit.

The high street entertainment business’s are on their knee’s, so there’ll be no more midnight queuing for your favourite game at these retailers anymore. Play.com have stopped selling DVD & CD’s, so I guess we’re all going DIGITAL. However there is some good news on the horizon for some HMV shops. GAME, last years high street casualty, is looking to take over up to 250 retail units. So there is some gaming light at the end of the retail tunnel if this happens, hopefully keeping some of the HMV staff in employment.

Next-Gen console rumour’s are flying around this month, with speculation that announcements will be made between March & June.

Leaked details suggest that both new consoles from Sony & Microsoft will have a generous amount of processing power and the graphics to back it up as well. There has also been speculation on cost, with rumour again suggesting around the $250-$350 mark for the next XBOX, (£199-£295.) If Next-Gen hardware comes our way this year, I very much doubt many of us ACOG guy’s will rush out and buy one on release, as we’re too cautious and don’t want to buy an inferior release model plagued with teething troubles. I guess it will be early 2014 before any of us decide the time will be right to part with our hard earned dosh. Microsoft has been rumoured to replace the voice chat with Skype which they own, and are closing down MSN in favour of Skype, that is one rumour I tend to believe is true.The MSN service will cease to operate from March 15’th.  Will SONY adopt a better system for their voice chat ? As it is one of the biggest fails that continues on the SEN multiplayer online, to try and communicate with friends in game on occasion, is abysmal.  How many times have you moaned about Voice Chat while in game ? There’s also the chance that the new PS4 will have 50% more power than the next XBOX and 4K capability, but with a 4K TV costing in excess of £7000 at the moment I guess this is pretty much fecking useless. Or, does SONY intend to market a reasonably priced 4K TV  along with the PS4 ? Whatever way you look at, if the games that come with the Next-Gen kit still play shite online and have the “same old” problems as current gen, then what’s the point of owning new shiny hardware ?

Update 18/01 : It has been put out that the PS4 myl drop DualShock in its Next-Gen controllers. Will you miss the “rumble” ?

January Competition

As promised at the start of 2013 we said we would be running competition’s where you, ACOG members could win some prizes for your kid’s, or yourself if you’re a BIG KID ! So to get the ball rolling here is the first competition for you to enter :

You will be able to enter via our Facebook page and the ACOG site. This month’s prize is an RC Subaru Imprezza WRC car 1/18 scale suitable for ages 5+ ( AA batteries will be required.)

All you have to do is comment / like our Facebook competition entry or just add your name to the ACOG forum entry by 31/01 and a winner will be picked at random.

Played FarCy 3 yet ? This game has turned out to be the biggest suprise hit for many of us as it was the last biggish title release of 2012. If you still haven’t got this game I cannot recommend this game enough, it’s like RDR but much more fun. The SP is epic and the Co-op is ideal ACOG gaming fun for 4 at a time. The AI is intelligent and random, the storyline is superb, and the addition of competitive sections amongst the Co-op gameplay is genius. I have never played a FarCry game before this one, and think that I have missed out yet again because of my blinkered game choices. Oh and yes, it is an FPS game as well. Check out all the video on Youtube if you’re still not convinced. If you’re on the PS3, you have even got exclusive DLC that we XBOX guy’s won’t get !

Check out your local GAME store or online for a bargain copy, grab it and 3 ACOG buddies and have a blast. Wild animals, flying in Hang gliders, racing on Quad bikes or in Buggies, Jet Ski’s, what more could you ask for ? There is the Deluxe Bundle available on all platforms now though. Check out the video :

YES, That’s a SHARK !!

And that’s a Fecking Leopard !!


Every weather channel keeps telling us we are in for 6 feet of snow and the country will grind to a halt, we don’t know the meaning of SNOW in this country. Check these out :

When we get snow like that then we can all start to moan a bit more. You know reading all the comments and seeing the news today, made me realise how ill prepaired we are as a Country to adapt to the conditions. The weather forecasters have been saying for a week now that impending Ice Age is coming and we STILL haven’t a fecking clue !! As someone said today “If Hitler had dropped SNOW on Britain during WW11, he would have been able to moondance with his knob out straight into whitehall”

Meanwhile: In Australia record temperatures have hit 46*C in some area’s

Even the railway tracks are melting !!

But this is the image we’re seeing

When’s the next flight out ?

Zombie League was a big fail then ? Good job we can fall back on a reliable format of MW titles to continue Tuesday night’s gaming then. Check out the site forum and add your input as the season 13 will kick off on January 29’th, don’t be late. (When I said “reliable” that was meant with a hint of sarcasm.)

Black Ops 2 DLC Revolution is due 29’th January (XBOX360)

I’m not even going to ask if you’re going to bother with it……

And finally, in the spirit of FarCry 3 :

We’re gonna need a bigger boat !!

Sorry it’s a bit short & sweet this month, but unfortunately real life has got in the way.

Until next time