EXPOO 3 is Coming !!!

It has been announced that EXPOO3 will be the weekend of June 8/9 this year. As usual, the location will be Runcorn and for those of you who have not been before (Inc me), a good time is had by all who attend. The hard work put in by Slickers,Poorash,Rebel and other’s is always greatly appreciated, and we must not forget Slickers & Poorash’s family also have a hand in the proceedings. So get your EXPOO face on, grab your sleeping bag and get yourself to Runcorn for this weekend in June to have some ACOG fun and camaraderie. All the details can be found here :  EXPOO3 with more being added as it’s announced. So if you’re attending and can help out with equipment then please let Slickers know, any help is appreciated. So if anyone from the SARF is travelling up by train and want’s to meet up with an old geezer for the trip, let me know.

We could also get some more pictures of the ACOG brethen for posterity to adorn our social media pages.


8/9th June 2013

PS3 Black Ops Tournament

XBOX Kinect Tournament. (Hope it’s not Dance Central )

FAMAS Shooting Range.

Camping area. (Is this a euphemism for a specific game ? )

Food Provided (by Slick’s mum!).

& Much more to be announced.

The January Competition was won by Social_Outcast or Pete as he’s known in the “real” world. His kids love the WRC Subaru Imprezza R/C car, and he’s still trying to get a go. The next competition will be up soon and this one will feature prizes to get your kid’s outside into the garden hunting for treasure !!

That’s right, we’re offering a child’s Metal Detector.

Children’s Metal Detector

8+ years (guide only)

Hunt for buried treasure with this sensitive detector.

Detection depth 8cm

Simply move the search coil along the ground and when metal is found, an audio tone sounds and LED lights up.

Height is adjustable (approx 56cm>70cm).

The height being adjustable is a great feature which allows tall and small children to use.

Waterproof search coil.

Weight approx 1.5lbs.

6.5 inch waterproof search coil (find treasure in wet grass, in puddles etc).

Requires one 9v battery (not included).

(Adjustable sensitivity)

Detects all metals

Please note that the Search Coil needs to be unfolded before fitting the battery, otherwise (in folded position), it will BEEP constantly because of the search coil detecting the metal rod.


So if you want your kid’s to find your retirement fund, keep watching out for the links on the ACOG site and our Facebook page.

There was a recent announcement that GTAV will be put back to a September 17’th release date. A lot of GTA fan’s are disappointed that they will have to wait still longer for their favorite game, but the developer Rockstar Games have declared that the game will be “right” on release. With this Autumn release now only a few months behind the Next Call of Duty title, will this finally make a dent in COD’s impact this year ? Pre-order your copy now for some ACOG gang chaos online as this game will be like the advert say’s “EPIC” !

This year will also see us give away a copy of GTAV on the platform of your choice in our “Heroes & Villains” Competition, more details will be announced soon. Do you know your Heroes from the Villains ?

All this ACOG goodness coming your way this year, what better reason is there than to be an ACOG and game with friend’s ?

So what games are you currently enjoying ? Are you drifting away from COD & BF3 and playing the open world games like FarCry3, Sleeping Dogs etc ? Although these games are predominantly for the SP, the online MP of these games have some real fun factors thrown in. Take FarCry3 for instance. If you still haven’t played the MP Co-op with ACOG buddies, get yourself online asap, as you are missing out on some real great gaming.

I’m hoping that the next rendition of FarCry will have Co-op, but in Free Roam with friend’s, now that would be awesome !

Battlefield 3 ENDGAME

One of our favourite games is finally seeing the last DLC offering this March. ENDGAME will see a new CTF mode with the addition of motorbikes. BF3 has been like an old friend who has given countless (over 600 in my case) hours of fun online. But, as one chapter closes hopefully a new chapter begins. Battlefield 4, we all know is coming as those who pre-ordered MOH : Warfighter received a beta key. But will BF4 be playable on our current Gen console’s or will we see it arrive with the Next-Gen hardware ?  I can’t wait for BF4 as I have loved every minute of it with my ACOG XBOX squad mates. If you’re a BF fan, do you agree with these 10 thing’s  we want to see in Bf4 ?

It has also been rumoured that a BFBC3 may be next and that this will be current Gen, but as with rumours you just don’t know. However, BFBC2 was also a cracking game, especially the Vietnam DLC, that was probably one of the best DLC pack’s released for a game. In all BFBC2 & BF3 have been like marmite for some ACOG member’s, but for this “Old gamer” some of the best games have been played on the Battlefield with friend’s. Bring on the next chapter……

I’m not going to dwell too much on the Next-Gen hardware as we will hopefully know soon enough, what with SONY’s tease of a video announcing a press conference on 20’th Feb in New York.

So, this time next week we will be excited for a new PS4 or we’ll be WTF was that about !! I am not going to start a fanboy argument about XBOX & PS, but I will ask you this :

When it comes down to Next-Gen hardware, are you certain in your mind what console you are going to buy, if any ?

This decision, assuming you’re buying will be easy for some but, not so for others. Both consoles have their Plus points and Negatives, but which one will see you gaming into the future ? If XBL went Free to Play that would be good, and if the Comm’s were great on SEN, then we’d be happy.

If the rumours are to be believed about both platforms, used game’s will seem to be a thing of the past. This will certainly influence our game buying as no-one want’s to splash £45 on a game and then regret it. Microsoft & SONY may have some future business plan regarding Digital Downloads and alway’s on Internet. Mind you, you could alway’s buy both…….Watch this Space.

Aliens Colonial Marines is out now, and if you were wondering :

Black Ops 2

This game is full of great entertainment and frustration all at once. It would appear that the problems suffered annually by the Call of Duty franchise is NOT console specific. When it plays well, it’s fecking brilliant. But, when it play’s about it’s the biggest pile of dog’s doo going. Yes, I’ve been duped into buying the Revolution DLC, and again it play’s great most of the time, but then “Fuck you, you pile of crap!” Please, Please COD franchise, sort out this reccuring issue and that cash cow you already have would see you into the next century. Oh and yes, we’ve heard that there will be a “NEW” COD game this November.

And Finally : 

Could anyone tell me what the f…. this is about ?

also Katy Perry has the power  :

Until next month ACOG.