Easter is earlier this year and Spring is in the air, and our thoughts turn to the outdoors and some good weather we hope, at least.

Who want’s to sit inside playing video games ? Well, the very latest Tomb Raider has recently been released, and this time out our heroine Lara Croft has to contend with a more brutal environment than she has ever faced before. The gameplay is slick, the character interaction is one of the best, and it will immerse you with its action sequences. Lara Croft has been around since 1996 and she has never looked so good.

Watching that video showing a young Lara, you would be justified in comparing it to the Uncharted series as they both have similarities in gameplay style and feel. Third person games are not always a strong favourite, but we think this one is definitely worth a look. Multiplayer has also been added this time out, which is a first for the Tomb Raider series, and as you can see from the video below it is looking good.

Broaden your horizons and give it a whirl. Again, there is some potential for some ACOG MP fun here with Tomb Raider 2013.

Playstation Plus  

Are you taking full advantage of this paid for feature on your system ? PS+ has taken a turn for the better the last few months with some very decent games arriving for you to download for “free”. F1 Race Stars,Vanquish, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Bioshock 2 and Sleeping Dogs to name just a few. With up to 65 games a year there is no better way than to try out games that you wouldn’t normally play or consider for your collection. Among these games there must be a lot of ACOG MP content available for fun game nights surely, for instance Uncharted MP has gone free to play recently and must be worth a pop !

February Competition

The winner of the Child’s Metal detector was Martin Breslin and we’ve told Mart that we only want 10% of the finder’s fee should his kid’s strike it rich. The March competition will be up soon and this month the prize is for the older kid’s, or adult’s if you wish. Keep checking our Facebook page and the ACOG site for details.

EXPoo is a go !!

This year EXPoo will be on the weekend of June 8/9th and as usual looks to be a great weekend.I’m excited for this one as I am actually attending this time. I’m looking forward to seeing “old & new” ACOG friends and sharing some falling down water with you guy’s.

This could be you ————> 

EuroGamer_Expo 2013 26-29’th September 

Tickets for this years Expo went on sale Friday 1’st March and already the early bird tickets have sold out for the Saturday 28’th ! However, if you’re a Virginmedia customer some £7.50 early entry ones are still available at the time of writing. : EuroGamer_Expo tickets Click the link if you want to attend as we’re sure with all that’s happening in the games industry this year, its bound to be good.

Ok I’ve put it off enough ……. The PS4 has been announced !

Watching the Live SONY event of 20’th February, you would be forgiven for feeling a bit cheated for not actually seeing a PS4 console. But, SONY did an excellent job of informing it’s PS fans of the Next-Gen’s hardware capabilities.

PS4 Official Tech Specs

CPU Single-chip custom processor.
Low power x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” 8 cores.
Graphics 1.84 TFlops, AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine
Memory 8GB GDDR5 RAM
Storage Built-in.
Unconfirmed size.
Optical Drive Blu-Ray drive 6xCAV.
DVD drive 8xCAV.
Input/Output Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0).
Comms Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000-BASE-T).
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.
Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR).
Audio/Visual HDMI.
Analog-AV out.
Digital output (optical).

Apart from the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and USB 3.0, this really don’t mean a lot to me. The techie’s amongst you will see that this next console from SONY will be more than powerful enough to provide you with what you’ve been looking for in the realms of frame rate’s and graphics. SONY has stated that the next PS will be for developers, and that can only be a good thing, right ? No more porting an XBOX developed game to the PS4 as SONY have made the architecture developer friendly, a SONY EXEC recently said :  “most powerful platform ever” will allow “worlds to come alive with greater fidelity and intensity than ever before”. You can read more about the PS4 on CVG if you’re interested. The box all this comes in will just be for Aesthetics.

What will this mean to ACOG ? If you’re looking to get a Next-Gen console this certainly looks like an exciting time to be a gamer, but at what cost ? Speculation has put the price of a PS4 at between £300 – £450, although SONY has yet to confirm any pricing strategy. Also to be considered is the price of the games. SONY has said that digital content will be available for “all” it’s games on PS4 but this doesn’t mean they will be any cheaper. What would put you off buying a Next-Gen console, the hardware or the cost of the games ? All eye’s are now on Microsoft to release details of its next re-iteration of the XBOX, rumoured to be sometime around April 26’th. There are arguments for both systems in that they both have platform exclusive games, so the next few months will be interesting to say the least for us console gamers. One thing we do know is what the PS4 controller will look like. It’s a familiar sight and for those of you thinking about an XBOX, will Microsoft change their design ?

Battlefield 3 ENDGAME DLC : Is this the end ? 

This piece of DLC releases on March 5’th for Premium PS members, and 12’th March for Premium XBOX / PC members.And this is the last for BF3, but is it? Granted BF3 will be nearly two years old this October, but its still going strong with its hardcore fans. BF4 has already be touted and shown to game retail outlet managers, who say that it looks fantastic. Now if this is the case and there is no more DLC for Bf3, isn’t it a long time between BF3 finishing it’s DLC run and the release of BF4 ? We have been told (rumours again) that BF4 will release on Next-Gen consoles, and as we know PS4 has been given an availability date of Holiday Season 2013. (Christmas to you and me.) So has DICE / EA got something up their sleeve’s to keep Battlefield fans craving more with some secret DLC, like a WW2 or another Vietnam style add-on for BF3 ? We can only hope, as that would really keep the interest going, or are we about to be bombarded with BF4 video footage ? What do you think ?

Assassins Creed IV : Black Flag

This recently announced new title comes hot on the heels of Assassins Creed III which was released in Europe less than 5 months ago. A trailer has been released showing the story of the main character Edward Kenway as told by Black Beard

This title will be released on Oct 29’th later this year and it’s known that it WILL be available for Next-Gen consoles. Another trailer has been released today 04’th March, showing more detail of Edward Kenway. So, Conner is no longer the main protagonist in AC4.

Rumours circling the interweb allege the next Assassin’s could pack in a co-op drop-in, drop-out campaign mode.It’s an idea the devs have toyed with in the past during development, but never implemented.

The Caribbean Islands

The leaked map shows we’ll be treated to exploring at least the Caribbean, with areas including Havana, the coastlands of Florida, Andreas. the Cayman Islands and Cape Bonavista. So once again the Q4 gaming releases are looking to empty your wallet !


This is supposed to be ART ???? WTF !!! Give me Page 3 any day.

Until next month ACOG.