Unbelievably its April already. Hopefully we have shaken off the remains of that shitty winter and look forward to a summer of goodness ahead.

And the Sun has made an appearance 

Things have been quiet in ACOG again, not much activity to report but, the GT5 Tuesday League has had great success with some fun racing action and crashing of course. The next league is out there for you, ACOG members, to decide what it is once again that is played. You can vote for your choice of game on the site : ACOG and it has been suggested that a mix of games this time could be the way to go. Make sure you have a vote if you’re interested and join in on Tuesday’s.

EXPoo is creeping ever closer, so those attending keep watching the forum for the latest updates and information.

The Great Next-Gen Console Debate

The internet is awash with rumours and speculation over what the next PS4 & XBOX will do or won’t do, and what they will look like. Hell, we’ve even had a guy called Francis rage on camera and his XBOX on the speculation that the 720 (Other names are available) will require an “always ON internet” connection ! We have seen a great deal of technical information about the next PS4 released by SONY, they’ve even been so kind as to let us “see” the next controller. But as yet we have not been blessed with a glimpse of the actual console. Microsoft are as usual playing it close to their chest with again “rumours” that there will be an announcement sometime the end of April through to June at E3. Whenever it happens, whatever is presented, your time to choose will be presented to you, and what’s important is : Will it come in Black ?

The Next – Generation of the console’s it has been said will be the last, so choose wisely young Padawan and May the Force be with you. (While it still can as Disney have a habit of shutting the Force down (LucasArts).)

April Competition 

This month we have not One, but Two prizes up for grabs !! You can enter to win your little ones a :

Super Stomp Air Powered Rocket Kit       

Sending rockets safely high into the sky with a single stomp! Jump on the Stomp-Pad and a giant blast of air propels the Stomp Rocket up to 90 metres (300ft) into the air! No batteries or fuel required – it’s air powered! Ready to use out of the box in seconds and comes with an adjustable launcher. Comes complete with 6 rockets. Safe, clean fun for all the family.

To enter all you have to do is answer the question in the forum link : Here

Last month’s winner was GarryMc who has already received his prize and donned the green tights no doubt.

Good luck


A selection of upcoming Movie trailers to tickle you fancy :

Hummingbird (Releases 17’th May)

Star Trek Into Darkness (Releases 9’th May)

The Prototype (Release TBA)

Gallowwalkers (Release TBA)

21 and over (Release 3’rd May)

The Colony (Release TBA)

Battlefield 4

In ACOG there is a small but dedicated Battlefield fan base, so to “see” a 17 min trailer for the next release of Battlefield 4 was exciting for us.

This trailer was played on a High end PC with the very latest graphics hardware as well, so what is there to expect from BF4 for console gamers. The release has been outed, although not officially as I write, as Oct 31’st in Europe and 29’th Oct in North America. This is in line with the last release schedule of BF3, so it could be correct. You can already pre-order for your PS3 and XBOX360, but as yet no mention of the next-gen units, although I suspect that it will be available as a launch title for one or both consoles as announcements are made. The dilemma is : Do you buy for your current console or have you got to lay out for next-gen as well ? The last quarter of each year always seems to herald a plethora of good games for us to buy, and it is an expensive time of year for gamers. If the rumours are true about the 720, you won’t even be able to buy a secondhand copy.I have already pre-ordered my copy on XBOX, but I don’t want to start putting in the hours then to discover that the new XBOX is out at Christmas and I can’t transfer my progress over to the next-gen, or even PS4 if it’s a better prospect. So BF4 fans in ACOG let’s have some debate on this. As I have put in over 677 hrs on BF3 so far and I’d like to do that again on BF4, but to have more ACOG friends playing on the same console would be good, whether that’s XBOX or PS4 remains to be seen.

Trailer with added Rhianna

Good times 

Black Ops 2 : Uprising DLC

Just in case you’re still interested in this, some new DLC is hitting the XBOX on 16’th April with a release on PS3 at a later date. Play as Ray Liotta and Michael Madsen in Mob of the Dead.

I’ll just leave you with a very important safety message

Until next month

Be careful out there