Where do we start this month ? XBOX reveal coming 21’st May, Call of Duty : GHOSTS announced, GTAV released new trailers and more importantly EXPOO approaching fast !!

Busy times ahead in the console games industry and within ACOG. Season 14 has begun on BLOPS2 and the GTA5 night is a hit, we also have some extra “Darksiders” playing on XBOX which is always a good thing.

Let’s start with GTAV. If like me you enjoyed the previous games, you can’t wait for this one to hit your consoles this September 17’th. The last GTA  game came out in 2008 and it’s openworld action & adventure with Nico and Roman Belic was a blast.


This time out we will be revisiting Los Santos, San Andreas with Michael, Franklin & Trevor.

The latest video’s show lots of detail about the game and includes a sh*t load of action to get our teeth into.

I’m hoping that the MP mode will include “gangs” similar to that of  Max Payne MP, where we will get the chance to perhaps form a “crew”, rob a bank or steal a security van in transit. There could also be territorial disputes with rival gangs online, this I see as some great ACOG nights. The game looks to be impressive as they always have been, there’s also the enormous size of that map which will be explorable from the onset.

GTA V is set for release on the current Gen systems and no doubt for the Next Gen, the question is : Will you buy it for your current system or wait for the Next Gen hardware to be released ? Don’t forget we’ve had rumours of NO backwards compatibility for the Next Gen (XBOX) kit so if you do decide to stick it in your current system, bear this in mind. (Unless all the speculation turns out to be just that, speculation.)

Next-Gen Hardware

Microsoft is to announce “A New Generation Revealed” on May 21’st from their Redmond Campus Washington.

Whether this will be like SONY’s back in February where we saw some new games, a controller and some great looking spec’s, or a full-blown “here it is”  we’ll have to wait and see. We’d like to think that Microsoft will actually put everyone who has been waiting out of their misery and stop the incessant rumors drowning the internet every few weeks. Nineteen day’s after this reveal, Microsoft has also got a meeting planned at E3 on the 10’th June at 10am PST.

Which funnily enough happens to be the same day that SONY have announced a press conference for 6pm PST. SONY & Microsoft appear to be playing their cards close to their chest with what the final product will look like. But there’s no doubt that when ALL is finally revealed, we can revel in their shinyness and think which one is best for me ?

Although Microsoft did announce their conference first, will SONY piss on Microsoft’s fire with a full PS4 reveal ? The PS4 is going to be a machine of great technical ability and will have PS fans all over the globe drooling, plus it’ll have XBOX fans wondering whether to jump ship this generation.  XBL has to make a major leap forward as well because PS+ has shown to be of great value and has gamers downloading some excellent “free” stuff each month.

Some side by side Next-Generation console comparison is what we need to see.

Whatever happens this next few weeks will be interesting and exciting for console gamers, at long last we will hopefully know what the next generation of our gaming future will look like and we can then get on with the hard decision of which one do we opt for. As an XBOX gamer I’m still not certain which one I will be replacing my 360 with as yet. It will depend on hardware reliability, network stability, games available and most importantly, what are my ACOG friends getting. Because lets face it, if it was gold-plated and made your dinner, if your friends don’t have one why would you ? Cost does factor in heavily when deciding which to get, but I think it will be a 2014 purchase for me and not 2013, I’ll let all the first day buyers product test the kit first.

Call of Duty : GHOSTS

It has been revealed recently that the next COD instalment is to be called GHOSTS and that it will run on a next generation engine. The BIG question is : Is this going to be a Next Gen XBOX launch title on Nov 5’th ? Microsoft have been renowned for tying up an exclusivity deal with Treyarch, Activision & Infinity Ward for the release of DLC content for COD games so have they done the same with this one ? It has been announced that the title will be available on your current console, but again are you buying two copies or are you waiting ?

May 21’st and June 10’th will be two BIG dates in the console gaming calendar and until then the speculation continues.

EXPOO 2013

There’s not long now and we’re getting excited for this one. The big meeting of ACOG members for some gaming, drinking, eating, drinking, shooting, drinking and of course some drinking. Events have been planned and as usual Poorash and Slicker’s family are the kind hosts and organisers. A ticket entry price of £5 per person is payable at the door to cover food and thank you gifts for our very gracious landlord for the weekend. Check out the EXPOO forum link for full details, and if anyone needs to meet up or arrange lifts make sure you don’t get left behind. To all ACOG members who are loaning equipment, time or any other assistance to EXPOO, WE THANK YOU.

May Competition

There will be NO general competition this month as this one is reserved for EXPOO attendees only. Anyone planning on coming to EXPOO will be automatically entered. Two winners will each receive paid entry to EXPOO, plus a winner’s engraved dogtag “EXPOO 2013 I Was There” to be worn with pride. Details will be up on the SITE ONLY this time out so keep watching in the next few days. It’s been a while since we have met up with some of the ACOG members and we’re looking forward to it. So make sure you’re registered to attend and turn up, then you will be in the prize draw.

Weird and Wonderful (Only in America) Estate agent offers employees pay rise if they get a company logo tattoo

How far would you go for your boss ?

A real estate agency has offered its employees a 15% pay rise if they get a tattoo of the company logo.

The owner of New York firm Rapid Realty has increased the salary of 40 members of his staff in the last two years after they agreed to the inking.

CEO Anthony Lolli – who is yet to have the tattoo himself but says he is planning to do so – told CBS News that he thought of the idea when a local employee got the tattoo voluntarily to show his loyalty to the company.

He explained: “He calls me up, he says ‘Hey, Anthony, I’m getting the logo on me’. I show up at the shop and I’m like, ‘This is cool, how can I repay you?'”

Lolli pays for his team’s green and black inkings, which cost up to $300 (£192) each and can be any size and anywhere on the body.

Employee Stephanie Barry had no reservations about getting the design saying: “I was like, why am I throwing my money away when I could give myself from a $25,000 to $40,000 for the same amount of work?”

Robert Trezza, who recently became the 40th member of staff to be inked, said: “I think it’s a good opportunity to show commitment to a company that makes going to work fun every day.”

Can I have one saying  (Insert Boss’s name) _________ you’re an arsehole !

IT’S official – Kelly Brook is the Sexiest Woman in Britain.

That’s it for this month, so until EXPOO. Be careful out there.