We’re starting off this month with a picture to make ALL red-blooded males happy

If you didn’t already know, Jennifer Aniston has a new film coming out in a week’s time called “Were the Millers” where she plays a stripper !!!

Were The Millers Trailer

In cinemas in the UK 23’rd August – take the wife / girlfriend

Oh okay, one more picture then

Back to business :

Firstly this month we remind you that the “ACOG whack” competition is currently ongoing until Oct 14’th, so you have plenty of time to get them URL’s into JC and beat the current leaders Bres & Cyber.  Check out the link for details of how to enter and the rules. The prizes are Call of Duty Ghosts & Battlefield 4 on the format of your choice,  so make the effort and have a go at winning a copy for yourself or a friend for Christmas.

The GTAV Lyrical Challenge Competition has now been won by : Cyber. (No prizes on backing the winner.)

Here is the full playlist of all the songs chosen in The Lyrical Challenge :

Thanks to those that made the effort to take part and win a copy of GTAV.  Enjoy your new game on release Cyber.

As Christmas approaches (only 18 more Saturday’s to Christmas) and the release of the next generation of consoles this coming “holiday season”, to use an American phrase. What is it that you would like in your stocking on Christmas morning ? First I’d ask, WTF are you doing wearing stockings ?

A plethora of games will be available for Santa to deliver to you, ok I lied, a small selection of games will be available at the time of launch on both PS4 and Xbox One. Check these links for full details of what’s to come for the PS4 & Xbox One . 

Interlude : Remember this fact

Do you know who this guy is ?

Yep, that’s the musician Example (real name Elliot Gleave ), who has had a string of successful songs & albums released since 2007. But, did you know that he was married ? And have you seen his Aussie wife ? If you haven’t, you will now, meet Erin Gleave

I’m staggered what she see’s in millionaire Example …………

A Next Generation of Competition

Trying to keep interest up within ACOG is difficult and a challenge at the best of times. The admin do their utmost to keep members interested in the site and organise various ways to generate numbers within our ranks. A new site, the ACOG whack competition are to name just a few. When the new consoles finally hit the shops and ACOG has adopted the PS4 among the general populace of members, we hope to bring you rejuvenated league nights of more than one game, across different genres. Again, we ask you the members that if there is anything that you would like to see being played in a league, or just for fun nights, let everyone know of your interest via the forums or cbox. It will probably be the usual suspects of hardcore members that participate, but we hope to see a few more of our 159 (current) members taking part.

EuroGamer Expo

Next month see’s the annual pilgrimage of dedicated gamers to London’s Earls Court for the Eurogamer Expo. The numbers of ACOG attending this year are down on recent years, but this is still an event to be at. The guy’s who attend this year will be lucky enough to get a preview of the Next Gen games and kit, coming our way in a few months. It will be interesting to see/hear ACOG members reactions first hand what they witness in the great halls of Earls Court. This year’s Saturday event will be on 28’th September and ALL tickets are now sold out for this day. We look forward to some live reports from the guy’s and wait with anticipation of their reactions to the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Just remember if you’re staying over for Expo in London, don’t post any underpants wrestling pics as we could be scarred for life.

A quick question :

I’m not much of a football fan, but I’m aware that Wayne Rooney (pictured below) is looking for a transfer from Manchester United. I’d like to know, where will he end up ?

Wayne Roony going to Chelsea ? 

Talking of Football FIFA14 will be released on 27’th September for PS3 & Xbox360 and for PS4 & Xbox One December 31’st (according to Amazon)

FIFA14 Ultimate Team Trailer

Looking to take the kids to the pool ? How about this ……..

There appears to be a lot of Cosplay at game events and we spotted this picture at one event and wondered WTF was this guy on ?


A mention this month to one of our long standing and popular members : Mr GarryMc. In case you’re not aware the big man is 40 at the end of the month, and we’d like to take this opportunity to wish him a very happy birthday and hope you have a great day.

Happy Birthday Mr Mc

(Sorry I typed in Scotsman and this came up.)

And lastly we’ll end with a Cheerleader. Why do we not have cheerleaders at football games here ? I’m sure they would be popular

Short and sweet BLOG this month, and remember : A megalomaniac is a person who is extremely full of themselves and overestimates their abilities.

Be Lucky ACOG