We start this month with an apology : There was NO ACOGBLOG last month due to a few reasons. One, I got locked out of our BLOG for the best part of the month and two, by the time I got back in, what I wanted to say was too late to put  into print. But this month we have made up for it with some great content for your perusal.

November as we members know is ACOG Birthday Month. This month on the 14’th see’s our 4’th Birthday as a fully fledged A Clan of Old Gamer’s. Those of us that have hung on in there have made some great friends, and those that have made it to one of the many meets, IE: EXPOO or The Eurogamer Expo know what a great bunch of Old Gamer’s we are.

So Happy Birthday ACOG

As a birthday treat, possibly the BEST video you will watch this year !!

How apt that this month see’s us celebrate our Birthday with the launch of our favourite Next Generation console, the PS4. There has been a lot of debate on the “web” concerning the PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, but it is starting to become very clear there can only be one : The Mighty PS4 is standing out as a clear favourite for Next- Generation with gamer’s, including the current Xbox gamer’s. So be prepared for an influx of fresh players on the battlefield and the inevitable “you’re a camping fag” comments from the less mature ones in a lobby.

PS4 released in Europe 29’th November and 15’th November in North America.

The PS4 has been reported to support 8 people in party chat as is the Xbox One, so if you find yourself in a game with 10 ACOG and 8 are in a party, you will be able to talk about the other 8 as they wont hear you !! Just a heads up : If Darkdeceiver79 (Carl’s current XBL GT not his PSN GT) is ever in a party chat with you,he’s on the other side and he goes quiet and you’re playing BF4. WATCH YOUR TAGS he’s sneaking up on you !!

The Great PS4/Xbox One debate.(Xbox One is it all smoke & mirrors?)

Over on The Darkside, we Xbox guy’s have been pulling our hair out with indecision as news surrounding the Xbox One just goes from bad to worse. We have had a daily debate as to which console we are getting, some of us have swapped our pre-orders more than once ! But, and I think I can finally say that after all the shit we have read and seen, (or not seen in 1080p) it will definitely be a reunion with the Playstation come the New Year. Both the PS4 and the Xbox One have issues amongst gamer’s for one reason or another. But, for sheer hardware oomph it is clear that SONY will be taking our money. How can we justify paying £80 more for a console that simply cannot match what is on offer by its rival. Resolution issues aside, Microsoft appear to be heavily reliant on “The Cloud” and it’s ability to enhance the Xbox One’s capabilities. However, what if your Internet goes down or that it just isn’t up to carrying the bandwidth required. What then ?

Microsoft released an info video showing the UI / dashboard and how smooth it all looks & runs…. yea right.

This is where I am personally losing faith with M$ as they continue to pad out their product to look as good as the PS4, it aint gonna happen M$, so give up now !! Read this as to why : Thing’s aint what they seem The Xbox One will not do anything on release until the mandatory update is completed. So NO internet, NO gaming or watching DVD/Blu-rays ? WTF is that all about ?

Battlefield 4

It was no good, we couldn’t resist getting BF4 on our current gen consoles and it’s pretty good. Ok, like most games out for release today it has it’s “bugs”, but come Next-Gen all will be good.BF fans among us will love the fact that this time out it plays with a mix of BF3 and BFBC2. For those of you that are holding out to get it on next gen will NOT be disappointed, and those of us that are getting Next-Gen in the New Year we have all that to look forward to again. Some of us will have to start from scratch in the transition from Xbox to PS4, but at least will we have a familiarity with the maps.

CoD Ghosts

As we all knew it would, CoD Ghosts has been reported to have sold shit load in it’s first few days of release. I cannot comment on the games looks or playability, but from reading the chatbox & forums it would appear that it has mixed reactions among ACOG members. Like always when it plays well it’s great, but when it don’t we want to throw our controller at the TV. Let’s hope that it improves as we all want those heady gaming nights like on MW2 back.


A good few members of ACOG have decided to participate in Movember and raise some money for good causes. Well done guy’s and be sure to check out the forum links  : Team ACOG to sponsor your mustachioed favourites. Some of the profile pics have been corkers !

Star Wars / Battlefront 3

This is one game that I think we could ALL get excited about if DICE manage to pull this one-off. Gamesradar do this weekly series discussing what we’d like to see in a Star Wars game. Here is their latest episode showing some awesome ideas for the game  :

I’m buying it…..Also coming in December 2015 : Star Wars Episode VII.

Chewwy approves to

Do you fancy an R2-D2 watch ?

Saw this on Twitter and couldn’t help but post it here :

Are you a budding photographer ? Fancy winning a PS4 ? Then check out the Playstation Symbols Competition and enter before 23.59 29’th November to win.

If you fly Virgin America you may want to watch this Safety Video

Anyone know where this bar is ?

And finally……

That’s all for this month and remember : Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not,in fact, just surrounded by assholes. William Gibson

Stay frosty