We are very late to the New Year Party this year and apologise for this unforgivable oversight…. Like F^ck, it’s been a busy start already and the BLOG got sidelined I’m afraid. However, we’re back !!

First up, hope we’re ALL okay, and no matter which gaming platform you’re on, we hope you are enjoying the “Next-Gen” if you’ve switched, and if you haven’t then rock on Tommy !!

Where do we start : So much time and so little to see ??? No reverse that…. So did you switch to Next-Gen or are you still playing your old loyal PS3 / Xbox 360 ? Was it Santa who dropped that new shiny in your lap ? Or did you have to sneakily stick one on your credit card then look suprised when DPD turned up ? (If you’re married you will understand the last comment)

The PS4 / Xbox One have brought with them a renewed optimism for the future of console gaming, albeit the future currently looks slightly brighter for the PS4 owners among us. Why say this ? Well, it has turned out that poor old Xbox One has some catching up to do in the hardware capabilities area. But none the less, the Xbox One is out there alongside the PS4 and doing a pretty good job of it.

Rumours abound about what’s happening to these systems and what can be achieved in the future with updates etc. Only yesterday, Microsoft announced the first of two updates for the Xbox One UI starting Feb 11, with the next one coming in March. These are to address some issues with the Party system,Battery level in the controller warning. (This is the 21’st century, we should have plutonium powered controllers not batteries!!) and HDD management to name but a few.

The PS4 has already received a system update 1.60 which included support for wireless headsets. So things are starting to bump along and in time the issues that you may find annoying will hopefully receive some love from Sony / M$.

Now we turn to the games : We will start with BF4. We are not going to dwell on it’s issues as DICE are actively trying to update and repair them on the fly. We are going to talk about the DLC for BF4, or the upcoming Second Assault to be more specific.

As an Xbox One owner I have been fortunate enough to have been playing these maps for a while and all I can say is, wow !! If you played : Metro,Caspian Border,Operation Firestorm and Gulf of Oman on PS3 and think you know these maps, think again. These maps are truly amazing to look at on Next – Gen. All these maps have been updated for BF4 with the addition of “Levelution” and dynamic weather, and boy what a difference it makes. For an example and not giving too much away (As if that’s possible with the internet.) Caspian Border is breathtaking on 64 man Conquest Large. The first time I went on this map I was just wandering around going “Ooo look at that, and look over there”. If you think you have it sussed how to take position C on the Hilltop, you’re in for a BIG suprise and a shed load of fun !!! Gulf of Oman changes the instant the sandstorm hits and you just revel in the shear fun of it all. So for those of you that are BF fans and have the PS4, hold onto your lugnuts boys you’re in for one hell of a ride !

COD Ghosts is our other favourite, and this game although again isn’t without issue, is a real time sucker. IW will hit us with a plethora of DLC and game modes for one and all to enjoy, and as always a real blast with your ACOG buddies. The Onslaught DLC is currently available on Xbox. with the PS4 getting it on 27/02. Extinction is a twist on the Zombies theme and makes for a tense bit of alien bug busting action. In this DLC on the map FOG you will be able to play as the character Michael Myers from the Halloween films, I love the fact that the Halloween theme song plays when someone changes to him and you know he’s after you.

Clan Wars is where ACOG have excelled this time and put us out there where we belong, in the spotlight. Congratulations to ALL the ACOG members that have done well in Clan Wars and hope you continue to do so.

Just released is Outlast. What we know of this game is that you will need clean underwear and a strong ticker !! Have you seen the trailer ? No, take a look :

Holy shit, this looks intense.

Coming next month on the Xbox One we have Titanfall, this game looks like COD with Mechanoids thrown in. There is a BETA being released on Valentines day, great timing that is. So we can give it a blast and see if it lives up to the hype it’s been getting.

This generation on PS4 will see : Thief, Metal Gear Solid:Ground Zeroes,Infamous Second Son,Minecraft,Watchdogs,Driveclub and Destiny to name but a few. The Xbox One will see : Titanfall,Watchdogs,Thief,Halo and Tom Clancy’s The Division among it’s releases.

Good times are coming in the gaming world on whatever platform you have chosen. Don’t forget if you are still on your trusty PS3 / Xbox 360 then some of these games are also being released for you, so you haven’t been forgotten.

Eurogamer Expo and Expoo 2014

These are two dates you may want to put aside in your busy calenders for the annual ACOG get together. Expoo will be on May 17’th, more details will be available nearer the time, and Eurogamer is running again 25-28’th Sept. Tickets will go on sale for EGX in April so keep watching here for details.

And finally :

Roll on the Summer

Until next time fellow coggers