Hiiiyyyyaaaaa, ACOG members it has been a while !!


Unlike most of you ACOG members the author hasn’t been around much for the past 8 months, but that has now all changed. Some of you had been wise enough to pick up your new Playstation 4’s around launch, but some other’s among us didn’t, some of us chose to go along a different path…..


But that has now ALL changed and the ACOG clan has been once again reunited with lost members.



Although Battlefield 4 has had a very dubious and rocky period, it’s starting to come together with all the progress through the CTE (Community Test Environment) servers.This is of course gradually filtering down onto the PS4 which is good news for us BF4 players. The ACOG platoon has a very robust membership and of course now, thanks to CrazyGoldfish and members donations, we have our very own server up and running. We will endeavour to populate this server, but also make good use of it for our own private BF4 mini league which has just been proposed. If you fancy taking part then look here : ACOG BF4 Mini League

Battlefield Hardline it would appear will have another open BETA in January 2015, just ahead of its rumoured release in February 2015. Not having played the last BETA, I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store from this game. Personally I don’t believe it should have “Battlefield” in the title, as this may put hardened BF fans off.

GAMESCOM has just ended and Playstation had a great conference with lot’s of good news for the players. Full conference video

The Playstation 4 has given our ex Xbox One owners a new zest for gaming, and the line up of games is looking very strong

Next up for us at least, is Eurogamer Expo on Saturday 27’th September. We’re really looking forward to this one, as the likes of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4 and hopefully some The Order 1886 game play. Not forgetting The Division, DriveClub,Rainbow Six The Siege, GTA V, Alien Isolation, the list goes on. So if you’re coming down to the smoke this September, get your queuing legs ready. Oh and OriginalSin have a good nap before you come down this time !

Games we’re looking forward to :

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer reveal Trailer

Far Cry 4 Reveal Trailer

The Order 1886

The Division


Rainbow Six : The Siege

Alien Isolation

It will be a good time to be a gamer on PS4

If any of you fellow ACOG members need to search out a gaming deal, we can recommend @FrugalGaming on Twitter or visit their site here : Frugal Gaming for some money saving ideas.


You thought we’d forgotten this didn’t you…….


And finally for this time :