Hello fellow ACOG members.

This month’s ACOGBLOG is going to start by talking about our beloved site and the mobile lives that we all lead. Visiting the site and contributing with your infinite wisdom is something that we admins would love to see on a daily basis. However, we know this isn’t possible,so for our daily contact Slickers has introduced Chatbox. Slickers has found a cross-platform Chatbox that allows us Android / Windows & Apple mobile device users to communicate. It’s early days, but it looks promising and could see the end of the old Quad app. Although Quad has served it’s purpose well, this new Chatbox will allow your input to display on the site and allow those desk bound Coggers to get involved. Nice job Slickers, great find. Go to the ACOG site and give it a try, or download to your preferred device here :

1. Apple : iTunes

2. Android : Playstore

Here you can find various chats to give you valuable input on your current game and generally join in the banter that ensues after a night on the PS4. Using this app is one way to stay in touch with your fellow “coggers”, but don’t forget to visit the main site on occasion and show it some love.

Join in, we’d love to hear your input


We’ve recently seen that a few of the most anticipated games on our calendar have been delayed. Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End has been pushed back to Spring 2016. Project Cars has been pushed back more than once and now comes out mid May this year. You can understand gamers disappointment when this happens, but this can only be a good thing, right ? I mean if you go back to the release of Battlefield 4, holy shit that game should have been delayed at least 6 months. It took DICE a further 10 months after release to get the game running anywhere near playable. They learned their lesson with Battlefiled Hardline, as this has only just been released and, fingers crossed, so far plays really well.,

Delaying games release dates, although frustrating is done for you, THE GAMER – for the experience they try to provide. It costs the developers and publishers a shit load of cash to delay a game, so it’s not done lightly.

So, prepare those driving gloves, (We said “Driving, NOT WANKING” ) and get yourself ready for what will undoubtedly be THE DRIVING SIM since the Gran Turismo series. The trailers and video’s already released look amazing and can fulfil our NEED FOR SPEED come May.

The same can be said for Uncharted 4. You don’t need us to tell you all what a fantastic franchise this has been. The 3 previous games have ALL delivered in bucket loads, and UC4 being on “Current-GEN” hardware, can only be beyond expectation. Uncharted has always delivered a believable story and characters, the story locations have been great eye candy, and the gameplay has always drawn you in. Roll on new release dates and DON’T delay them again, PLEASE !

Incidentally Project Cars has just announced that Fanatec hardware will be compatible with the game on launch. Never heard of Fanatec ? Take a look at their website here : FANATEC


As you’re aware, we’re sure you are.Our fellow ACOG Call of Duty players have been participating in the Clan Wars. These Clan Wars pit teams from all over the world against each other to prove whose best. Well, guess what ? Our ACOG COD AW gamers are pretty fecking good at it and have won a few of the Clan Wars in the Platinum division. WELL DONE GUYS and keep doing what you’re doing, having fun with your ACOG buddies playing a game you enjoy and proving “You’re never too old to game”. (PROMOTED – Diamond Division ? )

EGX 2015

Regular EGX ACOG visitors will already be aware that tickets for 2015 at Birmingham NEC are already on sale. The early bird tickets for the Saturday 26’th September are now limited, and the Virginmedia cheap early entry ones have already all sold out  !! If you plan on coming this year be sure to visit EGX soon or you’ll miss out.

Tickets can be found here : EGX Tickets

Splashing the Cash

This is just to let you all know, we are in the process of writing to various games retailers to see if we can secure a discount for ACOG members. We spend a lot of money on our hobby with games, DLC packs, accessories etc, that the bulk buying power of ACOG may have a bit of leverage when it comes to getting some money off. We’ll keep you posted either way, and if you have a specific retailer you think we should try, reply in the comments below the BLOG.

In the meantime check out : http://frugalgaming.co.uk/ for information on their latest deal found on t’internet

New Members


A BIG HELLO to ALL our new ACOGGERS. Welcome on board and hope you enjoy your stay with the clan. You can check all the ACOG members online on PSN via the Playstation App, provided you accept friends requests from the regulars. We have a Platoon for Battlefield and there’s Call of Duty with Clan Wars. To join in just go online find the ACOG you want to join with, then check out their friends list to add anyone you would like to. If you see a username on the ACOG site then it’ll probably be the same on PSN. All we ask of you is that you have fun, and join in the banter when you feel comfortable taking the piss out of each other.

If you see above in the EGX section, a good few of us meet annually at the EGX which this year is proving to be popular. If you fancy seeing us in real life, buy a ticket and nearer the date we will let you know where and when we’re meeting on the day.

Star Wars Battlefront

APRIL 16’th !!!! Put this date in your diary guy’s. because The game will make its first public appearance at the annual Star Wars Celebration, this coming April 16-19 in Anaheim, California. If you want to catch the first glimpse of the game you will need to check out http://starwars.ea.com/battlefront or watch our Twitter feed around that time @acogsocial for ALL the information. EXCITED !!!!!! Believe it or not but GAME are already taking pre-orders for the game which is due out Holiday Season (Christmas to us Europeans) 2015.Make sure you have this one on your christmas wish list.

Rainbow 6 Siege

If you’ve been watching out for news on this game, you will have noticed that a BETA is available if you pre-order the game or sign up via this link. BETA Sign up If you have been living in cave then this is your chance to sign up to have a go (hopefully) at what looks to be another great looking game. More info on this game can be found here

And Finally……..

She’s available for Birthdays, bar mitzvah’s and weddings !

Stay frosty fellas