Can you believe it ?! It’s been almost two years since we last put out an ACOGBLOG, such a travesty should have not occurred.

Where do we start ? In gaming a lot happens in three months, but TWO YEARS, jeez. Needless to say we, ACOG, are still about and plodding on at the pace us older gamers like. We were very excited by the remaster of Modern Warfare 4, and also the news that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out later this year.

Are we boring to say that we still mainly play, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty games ? Or is it just that they feel cosy and warm to us. The pace of modern online gaming has sped up slightly. Wall jumping in Infinite Warfare, and Titanfall 2 (Getting your Ticks out for the boy’s is still the best). Are both excellent by the way. The astounding graphics now presented to us by the Playstation Pro, coupled with a decent 4K TV. Well frankly, make the ol’ todger twitch a bit.


Anyone lucky enough to own a Pro will tell you how much better the enhanced games look and play. In our opinion, the Pro is what should have launched as the PS4 originally. Although it’s strange that Sony still don’t offer HD Blu-ray support for its flagship console ?

A good number of ACOG members still play regularly on a weekly, nightly basis.But with family & work commitments ever present.The number of hours spent playing into “the night” have dropped. It has nothing to do with wanting a warm cocoa and our bed we can assure you.It’s normally related to double vision !!

As a Clan, we remain committed to our ongoing survival and can happily say that since forming in 2009.We currently stand at 364 total ACOG members. All these are not active we admit, but it’s great to see that new (older) players still joining our ranks.

As we go public with this Blog.Tonight Tuesday 24’th January 2017, we have a new league starting on MWR. It’s about time we had some Tuesday night league action. To those guy’s signed up for the league, 10pm starting tonight 24’th running for the next few weeks. So make sure you’re ready and fired up.

New games coming that may tickle the old taste buds Include : Ghost Recon Wildlands in March. This is looking very good, and if you liked the FarCry games, then it’s gameplay system is almost identical.Personally looking forward to this in online co-op.

Today Resident Evil 7 comes out, and if you own the PSVR, have some clean under crackers handy you’re gonna need them.

Mass Effect Andromeda is another game that makes fans salivate, and with its 4K enhanced game play, it’s looking great.

For hack n’ slash fans, we have For Honor (Spelt wrong !!) and Nioh which may be worth a look.

There are beta’s suggested for Ghost Recon & For Honor, so be quick and see if you can still get signed up if you fancy them.

Ghost Recon website : Ghost Recon Wildlands

For Honor website : For Honor

We’ve also seen lot’s of internet chatter about Battlefront 2 coming sometime. I bought Battlefront as digital content, and just recently got the season pass too. But,for some reason doesn’t keep me coming back.Don’t get me wrong I love the Star Wars concept, it’s just that so many other games keep me interested more.

What is a laugh is Killing Floor 2 online Zombie killing action.That is a real scream, (literally) with fellow friends.

If like me you’ve taken advantage of the January Playstation sale.Your hard drive is full of great games that need your attention.Head over to the Playstation store before the sale ends as there are some bargains to be had right now.

Playstation store : Playstation Store Sale

So to all ACOG, we’re glad you hung around and we will endeavour to make a BLOG more frequently.Just like the old days.Keep watching and as always, any content you’d like to see just give us a shout in the comments.If anything else, this BLOG proves I’m still alive..

Uncle Albert out for now