We’ve all seen the leaked pictures of the next Call of Duty, a WWII title which has now been confirmed. The official reveal is scheduled for tomorrow, 26’th April. The franchise lost a lot of fans due to its insistence to go all futuristic and move away from its traditional real world settings.



The image that was ‘leaked’, depicts a soldier in WWII uniform, but if you check his eye’s closely, do they hide a secret yet to be revealed ? The hype train has left the station and is now picking up speed, and you know it when UK GAME bombard you with emails trying to get you to part with your money before you get any solid details.We got excited when we saw that picture, as did many old school CoD fans. A return to the boots on the ground game, fantastic. As usual if you “pre-order” the game in advance of its release, you can get access to a beta of the game. Traditionally the CoD games release around the last quarter of the year, and this one is no exception with November 3’rd 2017 being rumoured.


If you checkout the image on the Internet  (Material acquired by charlieintel) You can see clearly that this release date is pretty accurate. The game will reportedly be set in Normandy on D-Day and will have players battle across multiple iconic European locations. The story will supposedly focus on the “unbreakable brotherhood of common men fighting to preserve freedom in a world on the brink of tyranny” and will feature “bold, lifelike visuals.”


Now if this is true, and it looks pretty good to us. We are right to get a little excited about the Return of the King don’t you think ? The last time we played a WWII CoD game, was in 2008 with World at War. That particular game was a favourite of mine, and truth be known I miss it, I think we all miss it. Modern Warfare 2 came after WaW and was the foundation of the ACOG clans rise. So to see a return to its roots pleases us a LOT !

CoD WWII will include a co-op mode that’ll tell an original story separate from the main campaign. The multiplayer will let players socialize and interact with their friends and the Call of Duty community in “exciting new ways” and contain maps set on “many of World War II’s most iconic locations.”  Storming the Normandy beaches on D-day ? Let’s hope so. Without a doubt Activision have a winner on their hands here, despite the haters, and I was one of them during the “sci-fi” years. We are looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us, but we’re also reserving a little bit of excitement as it’s a CoD title and we’ve been let down before. No doubt paid dlc will be the norm as per usual with CoD games, or do you think there’ll be a shift away from this ? Tomorrow we want to be blown away enough that not only are we reaching for our wallets, but our blood pressure tablets too. PLEASE DON’T FUCK THIS ONE UP ACTIVISION……..

So set your alarms for 17.45 tomorrow ready for the reveal at 18.00 hrs UK time, don’t miss it. If you do it’ll be all over social media within seconds so don’t sweat it.