First, an Apology…..

The Blog this month is later than I intended, but unfortunately time has been a luxury this month so its better late than never.


Apart from my personal disappointment at not attending again, EXPOO 3 was a great success. Thanks has to go to Slickers & Poorash primarily, as it’s these guy’s that do all the hard graft setting up the venue, and of course to their respective family’s input for allowing strangers once again to trespass on their property. ACOG members are very grateful for this and wish to say “THANK YOU GUY’s” for your hard work.


We ran a little competition for EXPOO 3 and the winners got their I Was There set of Dogtags in the post. Congratulations go to GarryMc & Ori6inalSin.

This was a random drunk guy from our FB page and he is just that, random. No ACOG was harmed during EXPOO 3

This month’s BLOG  is dominated with Next – Generation Console

We’ve had the E3 conferences of Microsoft & SONY, and what a PR nightmare Microsoft is having ! SONY who at long last revealed the PS4 to the world.But it went a bit quiet at first because we all thought, “Oh no, another BRICK”!  But SONY managed to revel in glory as the PS4 details were unfolded before us. The crowds and the internet went mad when Jack Tretton announced that the PS4 would allow used games, and not only that, it wouldn’t need a permanent Internet connection. Hurrah, SONY saved gaming…..

Microsofts world collapsed even further when SONY announced that the PS4 would be £349 in the UK compared to the Xbox One at £429. Bang, that’s it game over for the Xbox One, or is it ?

As far as ACOG are concerned, we’re not touching “The One” with a barge pole now. This is great news for ACOG as this means that once again the clan will be re-united, and we can get back to showing some larger interest in the forthcoming games. Cyber put up a poll on the site which I have to add, was un-biased and asked which PS4 model will you be buying ? A resounding 19 at the last count have opted for the PS4, with zero takers on the one. Three ex- xboxers are returning to the fold, and I for one am very happy to return this Next-Generation to the PS4 along with Cyantiffic, DarkDeceiver79 and possibly a new ACOG member Livo360.

Microsoft have, for some reason, decided to alienate as many gamers around the globe as possible. Don Mattrick has gone on record and said “If you don’t have internet then we have a product called the xbox 360”. That one statement has damaged what little grasp Microsoft had of actually selling more one’s. Even the military have come out against the Xbox One because soldiers around the world will be unable to play their favourite games, plus they have concerns with the “always on” Kinect 2 device….. Way to go Microsoft. Of course there are Xbox fans out there, they’ll sell a shitload of Ones. But this time out, it’s not for me. And as Spongebob say’s

Pre-orders are high for the PS4, in some cases they are outstripping the One by 4 – 1 with some retailers. Personally,I have no regrets for not continuing to game on the Xbox. This time around I hope that SONY has got it right with Cross Party Chat and Online MP, so we can enjoy some more great gaming nights once again.

UPDATE 19/06 : Microsoft has now back pedalled on the DRM and used game / region locking of the Xbox One. It will now function as per the 360, and the physical disc will need to be in the tray for you to play your games. You will be able to play offline games without a connection to the Internet, plus the Xbox One will no longer have a requirement to login in every 24 hrs.

The games listed on the release of the PS4 are as follows :

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Ubisoft
Battlefield 4 DICE
Call of Duty: Ghosts Infinity Ward 
DC Universe Online Sony Online Entertainment
Diablo 3 Blizzard
DriveClub Evolution Studios 
FIFA 14 EA Sports
Just Dance 2014 Ubisoft
Killzone Shadow Fall Guerilla Games 
Knack SCE Japan Studio
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes TT Games
Madden NFL 25 EA Sports
NBA 2K14 Visual Concepts
NBA Live 14 EA Sports
PlanetSide 2 Sony Online Entertainment 
Skylanders: Swap Force Vicarious Visions
Warframe Digital Extremes
Watch Dogs Ubisoft Montreal

This is looking real good, and this is just for starters.

Just in case you are interested to see what The One has to offer, here you go :

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Ubisoft
Battlefield 4 DICE
Call of Duty: Ghosts Infinity Ward 
Dead Rising 3 Capcom
FIFA 14 EA Sports 
Forza Motorsport 5 Turn 10 
Just Dance 2014 Ubisoft
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes TT Games
LocoCycle Twisted Pixel
Madden NFL 25 EA Sports
NBA 2K14 Visual Concepts
NBA Live 14 EA Sports
Killer Instinct Double Helix
Kinect Sports Rivals Rare
Ryse: Son of Rome Crytek
Skylanders: Swap Force Vicarious Visions
Watch Dogs Ubisoft Montreal

There’s a few exclusives to both consoles, but our favourites are multi platform.

Jeff Cannata of ShackNews in the U.S had this to say about the PS4 controller :

“Let me say this, the controller for the PS4 is sublime, far better than the Xbox One controller. I’m a little disappointed to be honest with the Xbox One controller. The bumper buttons in particular are actually more difficult to hit with my fingers than they used to be on the 360. I find it to be smaller and much more cramped and the triggers don’t feel as good.”

He went on about the PS4 DualShock 4 controller:

“The triggers on the PS4 controller are awesome! It’s super cool. It just feels so comfortable in the hand, the bumpers are nice, the triggers are SO nice, it’s got rumble on two sides, it is just a great controller.”

You may even be able to kiss goodbye to those bulky grips now…..

Everything you need to know about the PS4 is right here and the Xbox One is right here. There is still a lot of confusion and anger over the DRM issue but be sure of this IT WILL COME TO THE PS4 AT SOME POINT.

I can’t go any further without mentioning the two biggest games coming to Next-Gen. Battlefield 4 & Call of Duty: GHOSTS. There are others in there that ACOG will definitely be interested in, but these two will be for the long haul.

Let’s start with COD: GHOSTS

This is the Tenth title in the franchise to hit the shelves and the sixth one to be developed by Infinity Ward.

Call of Duty: Ghosts takes place following a devastating event that changed the global balance of power, with the United States no longer recognized as a superpower. Ten years after the event, a band of elite soldiers known as the “Ghosts” wage a covert war against an unseen enemy, with the outcome having far-reaching consequences for both themselves and the remains of America.

We all have that cynical approach to this next COD, but we also know that we will buy it. Some on release, others eventually due to peer pressure. Let’s just pray that this time out with the upgraded game engine and power of the Next-Gen console’s, they’ve finally got it right. Amongst the “New” features in GHOSTS is the ability to leap walls….. Woo, leap walls. Hang on haven’t we been doing that in BF3 for the last 2 years ? That’s not innovation, so don’t shout about it Infinity Ward. The other defining feature is that in GHOSTS, you have a Dog called Riley. Now I don’t know about you, but so far this game isn’t grabbing my balls and pulling me in to buy it. Oh well, we”ll see on November 5’th this year for current gen kit, and for Next-Gen on release.

Are you reading this and thinking “I’m NOT getting stitched up again”, but we all know we’ll see you playing it eventually.

Release date November 5’th

Battlefield 4

Unlike COD: GHOSTS, this game has myself and a few other ACOG members in a state of excitement I can tell you. Check out the Demo footage of MP below and then tell me this doesn’t look epic.

Where do we start with BF4. This game has been developed on the Frostbite 3 engine and combined with the power of Next-Gen, this game is going to run full 1080p at 60 fps with 64 players on console !!! Holy hell, I cannot wait to play this with my fellow ACOG squad mates. The DREAMTEAM could return with a bang on this one. So many NEW features have been added into BF4. The counter knife, diving underwater, shooting in the water, melee in the water, and the ability to topple skyscrapers for f*cks sake !! This is just a snippet of the new action available to us BF fans. I haven’t mentioned the soldier customisation or vehicle customisation either. This is going to be one epic game and I can see that at last the clan will recognise this game for what it is, true TEAM PLAYING online with your friends. We had issues with squadding up on the previous games, but I pray that this time those are gone and we can just get stuck in and kick some pixilated ass !!

PS4 and Xbox One games are thought to retail for £54.99 in the UK, so choose wisely.

Release October 31’st in Europe

So the PS4 has single handedly re-united ACOG, and this should bring back some classic nights of fun playing whatever takes our fancy. I mean Killzone Shadowfall is going to be another game that will spark a lot of interest among us, even I’m looking forward to it. All in all there are some exciting times ahead for ACOG running up to the year end gaming wise. Anyone who isn’t upgrading at release, we’ll keep your seat warm for you, just join us when you can. But, be sure of this : ACOG is BACK 

The rumoured release date for the PS4 and Xbox One is 21’st November, but this has yet to be confirmed. Whenever they are released for sale, Christmas is looking good this year.

ACOG Site 

Admin are once again looking to keep the ACOG site fresh and interesting for its members, so we are looking into reverting back to the phpBB3 format that we all know and loved. This is an ongoing site refresh and when our technical guy’s are happy (Monkums, Slickers, Cyan) you as members will be informed. Watch this space http://www.acog.co.uk.


We are into week twelve of our GTA V competition Lyrical Challenge  . Keep checking back for the latest lyrics & artist for you to identify and be ready to enter come August 17’th.

Do you and your little ones love LEGO ? Then next year make sure you take them to see this : The Lego Movie

This is for ALL the ACOG new dad’s among us, congratulations guy’s to you and your ladies

And this is for the ACOG fishermen among you. Look’s like he wore this one out

And lastly. This is for all those ACOG guys going for a curry the weekend.

Until next month ACOG : Be Lucky



Where do we start this month ? XBOX reveal coming 21’st May, Call of Duty : GHOSTS announced, GTAV released new trailers and more importantly EXPOO approaching fast !!

Busy times ahead in the console games industry and within ACOG. Season 14 has begun on BLOPS2 and the GTA5 night is a hit, we also have some extra “Darksiders” playing on XBOX which is always a good thing.

Let’s start with GTAV. If like me you enjoyed the previous games, you can’t wait for this one to hit your consoles this September 17’th. The last GTA  game came out in 2008 and it’s openworld action & adventure with Nico and Roman Belic was a blast.


This time out we will be revisiting Los Santos, San Andreas with Michael, Franklin & Trevor.

The latest video’s show lots of detail about the game and includes a sh*t load of action to get our teeth into.

I’m hoping that the MP mode will include “gangs” similar to that of  Max Payne MP, where we will get the chance to perhaps form a “crew”, rob a bank or steal a security van in transit. There could also be territorial disputes with rival gangs online, this I see as some great ACOG nights. The game looks to be impressive as they always have been, there’s also the enormous size of that map which will be explorable from the onset.

GTA V is set for release on the current Gen systems and no doubt for the Next Gen, the question is : Will you buy it for your current system or wait for the Next Gen hardware to be released ? Don’t forget we’ve had rumours of NO backwards compatibility for the Next Gen (XBOX) kit so if you do decide to stick it in your current system, bear this in mind. (Unless all the speculation turns out to be just that, speculation.)

Next-Gen Hardware

Microsoft is to announce “A New Generation Revealed” on May 21’st from their Redmond Campus Washington.

Whether this will be like SONY’s back in February where we saw some new games, a controller and some great looking spec’s, or a full-blown “here it is”  we’ll have to wait and see. We’d like to think that Microsoft will actually put everyone who has been waiting out of their misery and stop the incessant rumors drowning the internet every few weeks. Nineteen day’s after this reveal, Microsoft has also got a meeting planned at E3 on the 10’th June at 10am PST.

Which funnily enough happens to be the same day that SONY have announced a press conference for 6pm PST. SONY & Microsoft appear to be playing their cards close to their chest with what the final product will look like. But there’s no doubt that when ALL is finally revealed, we can revel in their shinyness and think which one is best for me ?

Although Microsoft did announce their conference first, will SONY piss on Microsoft’s fire with a full PS4 reveal ? The PS4 is going to be a machine of great technical ability and will have PS fans all over the globe drooling, plus it’ll have XBOX fans wondering whether to jump ship this generation.  XBL has to make a major leap forward as well because PS+ has shown to be of great value and has gamers downloading some excellent “free” stuff each month.

Some side by side Next-Generation console comparison is what we need to see.

Whatever happens this next few weeks will be interesting and exciting for console gamers, at long last we will hopefully know what the next generation of our gaming future will look like and we can then get on with the hard decision of which one do we opt for. As an XBOX gamer I’m still not certain which one I will be replacing my 360 with as yet. It will depend on hardware reliability, network stability, games available and most importantly, what are my ACOG friends getting. Because lets face it, if it was gold-plated and made your dinner, if your friends don’t have one why would you ? Cost does factor in heavily when deciding which to get, but I think it will be a 2014 purchase for me and not 2013, I’ll let all the first day buyers product test the kit first.

Call of Duty : GHOSTS

It has been revealed recently that the next COD instalment is to be called GHOSTS and that it will run on a next generation engine. The BIG question is : Is this going to be a Next Gen XBOX launch title on Nov 5’th ? Microsoft have been renowned for tying up an exclusivity deal with Treyarch, Activision & Infinity Ward for the release of DLC content for COD games so have they done the same with this one ? It has been announced that the title will be available on your current console, but again are you buying two copies or are you waiting ?

May 21’st and June 10’th will be two BIG dates in the console gaming calendar and until then the speculation continues.

EXPOO 2013

There’s not long now and we’re getting excited for this one. The big meeting of ACOG members for some gaming, drinking, eating, drinking, shooting, drinking and of course some drinking. Events have been planned and as usual Poorash and Slicker’s family are the kind hosts and organisers. A ticket entry price of £5 per person is payable at the door to cover food and thank you gifts for our very gracious landlord for the weekend. Check out the EXPOO forum link for full details, and if anyone needs to meet up or arrange lifts make sure you don’t get left behind. To all ACOG members who are loaning equipment, time or any other assistance to EXPOO, WE THANK YOU.

May Competition

There will be NO general competition this month as this one is reserved for EXPOO attendees only. Anyone planning on coming to EXPOO will be automatically entered. Two winners will each receive paid entry to EXPOO, plus a winner’s engraved dogtag “EXPOO 2013 I Was There” to be worn with pride. Details will be up on the SITE ONLY this time out so keep watching in the next few days. It’s been a while since we have met up with some of the ACOG members and we’re looking forward to it. So make sure you’re registered to attend and turn up, then you will be in the prize draw.

Weird and Wonderful (Only in America) Estate agent offers employees pay rise if they get a company logo tattoo

How far would you go for your boss ?

A real estate agency has offered its employees a 15% pay rise if they get a tattoo of the company logo.

The owner of New York firm Rapid Realty has increased the salary of 40 members of his staff in the last two years after they agreed to the inking.

CEO Anthony Lolli – who is yet to have the tattoo himself but says he is planning to do so – told CBS News that he thought of the idea when a local employee got the tattoo voluntarily to show his loyalty to the company.

He explained: “He calls me up, he says ‘Hey, Anthony, I’m getting the logo on me’. I show up at the shop and I’m like, ‘This is cool, how can I repay you?'”

Lolli pays for his team’s green and black inkings, which cost up to $300 (£192) each and can be any size and anywhere on the body.

Employee Stephanie Barry had no reservations about getting the design saying: “I was like, why am I throwing my money away when I could give myself from a $25,000 to $40,000 for the same amount of work?”

Robert Trezza, who recently became the 40th member of staff to be inked, said: “I think it’s a good opportunity to show commitment to a company that makes going to work fun every day.”

Can I have one saying  (Insert Boss’s name) _________ you’re an arsehole !

IT’S official – Kelly Brook is the Sexiest Woman in Britain.

That’s it for this month, so until EXPOO. Be careful out there.


Unbelievably its April already. Hopefully we have shaken off the remains of that shitty winter and look forward to a summer of goodness ahead.

And the Sun has made an appearance 

Things have been quiet in ACOG again, not much activity to report but, the GT5 Tuesday League has had great success with some fun racing action and crashing of course. The next league is out there for you, ACOG members, to decide what it is once again that is played. You can vote for your choice of game on the site : ACOG and it has been suggested that a mix of games this time could be the way to go. Make sure you have a vote if you’re interested and join in on Tuesday’s.

EXPoo is creeping ever closer, so those attending keep watching the forum for the latest updates and information.

The Great Next-Gen Console Debate

The internet is awash with rumours and speculation over what the next PS4 & XBOX will do or won’t do, and what they will look like. Hell, we’ve even had a guy called Francis rage on camera and his XBOX on the speculation that the 720 (Other names are available) will require an “always ON internet” connection ! We have seen a great deal of technical information about the next PS4 released by SONY, they’ve even been so kind as to let us “see” the next controller. But as yet we have not been blessed with a glimpse of the actual console. Microsoft are as usual playing it close to their chest with again “rumours” that there will be an announcement sometime the end of April through to June at E3. Whenever it happens, whatever is presented, your time to choose will be presented to you, and what’s important is : Will it come in Black ?

The Next – Generation of the console’s it has been said will be the last, so choose wisely young Padawan and May the Force be with you. (While it still can as Disney have a habit of shutting the Force down (LucasArts).)

April Competition 

This month we have not One, but Two prizes up for grabs !! You can enter to win your little ones a :

Super Stomp Air Powered Rocket Kit       

Sending rockets safely high into the sky with a single stomp! Jump on the Stomp-Pad and a giant blast of air propels the Stomp Rocket up to 90 metres (300ft) into the air! No batteries or fuel required – it’s air powered! Ready to use out of the box in seconds and comes with an adjustable launcher. Comes complete with 6 rockets. Safe, clean fun for all the family.

To enter all you have to do is answer the question in the forum link : Here

Last month’s winner was GarryMc who has already received his prize and donned the green tights no doubt.

Good luck


A selection of upcoming Movie trailers to tickle you fancy :

Hummingbird (Releases 17’th May)

Star Trek Into Darkness (Releases 9’th May)

The Prototype (Release TBA)

Gallowwalkers (Release TBA)

21 and over (Release 3’rd May)

The Colony (Release TBA)

Battlefield 4

In ACOG there is a small but dedicated Battlefield fan base, so to “see” a 17 min trailer for the next release of Battlefield 4 was exciting for us.

This trailer was played on a High end PC with the very latest graphics hardware as well, so what is there to expect from BF4 for console gamers. The release has been outed, although not officially as I write, as Oct 31’st in Europe and 29’th Oct in North America. This is in line with the last release schedule of BF3, so it could be correct. You can already pre-order for your PS3 and XBOX360, but as yet no mention of the next-gen units, although I suspect that it will be available as a launch title for one or both consoles as announcements are made. The dilemma is : Do you buy for your current console or have you got to lay out for next-gen as well ? The last quarter of each year always seems to herald a plethora of good games for us to buy, and it is an expensive time of year for gamers. If the rumours are true about the 720, you won’t even be able to buy a secondhand copy.I have already pre-ordered my copy on XBOX, but I don’t want to start putting in the hours then to discover that the new XBOX is out at Christmas and I can’t transfer my progress over to the next-gen, or even PS4 if it’s a better prospect. So BF4 fans in ACOG let’s have some debate on this. As I have put in over 677 hrs on BF3 so far and I’d like to do that again on BF4, but to have more ACOG friends playing on the same console would be good, whether that’s XBOX or PS4 remains to be seen.

Trailer with added Rhianna

Good times 

Black Ops 2 : Uprising DLC

Just in case you’re still interested in this, some new DLC is hitting the XBOX on 16’th April with a release on PS3 at a later date. Play as Ray Liotta and Michael Madsen in Mob of the Dead.

I’ll just leave you with a very important safety message

Until next month

Be careful out there


Easter is earlier this year and Spring is in the air, and our thoughts turn to the outdoors and some good weather we hope, at least.

Who want’s to sit inside playing video games ? Well, the very latest Tomb Raider has recently been released, and this time out our heroine Lara Croft has to contend with a more brutal environment than she has ever faced before. The gameplay is slick, the character interaction is one of the best, and it will immerse you with its action sequences. Lara Croft has been around since 1996 and she has never looked so good.

Watching that video showing a young Lara, you would be justified in comparing it to the Uncharted series as they both have similarities in gameplay style and feel. Third person games are not always a strong favourite, but we think this one is definitely worth a look. Multiplayer has also been added this time out, which is a first for the Tomb Raider series, and as you can see from the video below it is looking good.

Broaden your horizons and give it a whirl. Again, there is some potential for some ACOG MP fun here with Tomb Raider 2013.

Playstation Plus  

Are you taking full advantage of this paid for feature on your system ? PS+ has taken a turn for the better the last few months with some very decent games arriving for you to download for “free”. F1 Race Stars,Vanquish, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Bioshock 2 and Sleeping Dogs to name just a few. With up to 65 games a year there is no better way than to try out games that you wouldn’t normally play or consider for your collection. Among these games there must be a lot of ACOG MP content available for fun game nights surely, for instance Uncharted MP has gone free to play recently and must be worth a pop !

February Competition

The winner of the Child’s Metal detector was Martin Breslin and we’ve told Mart that we only want 10% of the finder’s fee should his kid’s strike it rich. The March competition will be up soon and this month the prize is for the older kid’s, or adult’s if you wish. Keep checking our Facebook page and the ACOG site for details.

EXPoo is a go !!

This year EXPoo will be on the weekend of June 8/9th and as usual looks to be a great weekend.I’m excited for this one as I am actually attending this time. I’m looking forward to seeing “old & new” ACOG friends and sharing some falling down water with you guy’s.

This could be you ————> 

EuroGamer_Expo 2013 26-29’th September 

Tickets for this years Expo went on sale Friday 1’st March and already the early bird tickets have sold out for the Saturday 28’th ! However, if you’re a Virginmedia customer some £7.50 early entry ones are still available at the time of writing. : EuroGamer_Expo tickets Click the link if you want to attend as we’re sure with all that’s happening in the games industry this year, its bound to be good.

Ok I’ve put it off enough ……. The PS4 has been announced !

Watching the Live SONY event of 20’th February, you would be forgiven for feeling a bit cheated for not actually seeing a PS4 console. But, SONY did an excellent job of informing it’s PS fans of the Next-Gen’s hardware capabilities.

PS4 Official Tech Specs

CPU Single-chip custom processor.
Low power x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” 8 cores.
Graphics 1.84 TFlops, AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine
Memory 8GB GDDR5 RAM
Storage Built-in.
Unconfirmed size.
Optical Drive Blu-Ray drive 6xCAV.
DVD drive 8xCAV.
Input/Output Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0).
Comms Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000-BASE-T).
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.
Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR).
Audio/Visual HDMI.
Analog-AV out.
Digital output (optical).

Apart from the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and USB 3.0, this really don’t mean a lot to me. The techie’s amongst you will see that this next console from SONY will be more than powerful enough to provide you with what you’ve been looking for in the realms of frame rate’s and graphics. SONY has stated that the next PS will be for developers, and that can only be a good thing, right ? No more porting an XBOX developed game to the PS4 as SONY have made the architecture developer friendly, a SONY EXEC recently said :  “most powerful platform ever” will allow “worlds to come alive with greater fidelity and intensity than ever before”. You can read more about the PS4 on CVG if you’re interested. The box all this comes in will just be for Aesthetics.

What will this mean to ACOG ? If you’re looking to get a Next-Gen console this certainly looks like an exciting time to be a gamer, but at what cost ? Speculation has put the price of a PS4 at between £300 – £450, although SONY has yet to confirm any pricing strategy. Also to be considered is the price of the games. SONY has said that digital content will be available for “all” it’s games on PS4 but this doesn’t mean they will be any cheaper. What would put you off buying a Next-Gen console, the hardware or the cost of the games ? All eye’s are now on Microsoft to release details of its next re-iteration of the XBOX, rumoured to be sometime around April 26’th. There are arguments for both systems in that they both have platform exclusive games, so the next few months will be interesting to say the least for us console gamers. One thing we do know is what the PS4 controller will look like. It’s a familiar sight and for those of you thinking about an XBOX, will Microsoft change their design ?

Battlefield 3 ENDGAME DLC : Is this the end ? 

This piece of DLC releases on March 5’th for Premium PS members, and 12’th March for Premium XBOX / PC members.And this is the last for BF3, but is it? Granted BF3 will be nearly two years old this October, but its still going strong with its hardcore fans. BF4 has already be touted and shown to game retail outlet managers, who say that it looks fantastic. Now if this is the case and there is no more DLC for Bf3, isn’t it a long time between BF3 finishing it’s DLC run and the release of BF4 ? We have been told (rumours again) that BF4 will release on Next-Gen consoles, and as we know PS4 has been given an availability date of Holiday Season 2013. (Christmas to you and me.) So has DICE / EA got something up their sleeve’s to keep Battlefield fans craving more with some secret DLC, like a WW2 or another Vietnam style add-on for BF3 ? We can only hope, as that would really keep the interest going, or are we about to be bombarded with BF4 video footage ? What do you think ?

Assassins Creed IV : Black Flag

This recently announced new title comes hot on the heels of Assassins Creed III which was released in Europe less than 5 months ago. A trailer has been released showing the story of the main character Edward Kenway as told by Black Beard

This title will be released on Oct 29’th later this year and it’s known that it WILL be available for Next-Gen consoles. Another trailer has been released today 04’th March, showing more detail of Edward Kenway. So, Conner is no longer the main protagonist in AC4.

Rumours circling the interweb allege the next Assassin’s could pack in a co-op drop-in, drop-out campaign mode.It’s an idea the devs have toyed with in the past during development, but never implemented.

The Caribbean Islands

The leaked map shows we’ll be treated to exploring at least the Caribbean, with areas including Havana, the coastlands of Florida, Andreas. the Cayman Islands and Cape Bonavista. So once again the Q4 gaming releases are looking to empty your wallet !


This is supposed to be ART ???? WTF !!! Give me Page 3 any day.

Until next month ACOG.



EXPOO 3 is Coming !!!

It has been announced that EXPOO3 will be the weekend of June 8/9 this year. As usual, the location will be Runcorn and for those of you who have not been before (Inc me), a good time is had by all who attend. The hard work put in by Slickers,Poorash,Rebel and other’s is always greatly appreciated, and we must not forget Slickers & Poorash’s family also have a hand in the proceedings. So get your EXPOO face on, grab your sleeping bag and get yourself to Runcorn for this weekend in June to have some ACOG fun and camaraderie. All the details can be found here :  EXPOO3 with more being added as it’s announced. So if you’re attending and can help out with equipment then please let Slickers know, any help is appreciated. So if anyone from the SARF is travelling up by train and want’s to meet up with an old geezer for the trip, let me know.

We could also get some more pictures of the ACOG brethen for posterity to adorn our social media pages.


8/9th June 2013

PS3 Black Ops Tournament

XBOX Kinect Tournament. (Hope it’s not Dance Central )

FAMAS Shooting Range.

Camping area. (Is this a euphemism for a specific game ? )

Food Provided (by Slick’s mum!).

& Much more to be announced.

The January Competition was won by Social_Outcast or Pete as he’s known in the “real” world. His kids love the WRC Subaru Imprezza R/C car, and he’s still trying to get a go. The next competition will be up soon and this one will feature prizes to get your kid’s outside into the garden hunting for treasure !!

That’s right, we’re offering a child’s Metal Detector.

Children’s Metal Detector

8+ years (guide only)

Hunt for buried treasure with this sensitive detector.

Detection depth 8cm

Simply move the search coil along the ground and when metal is found, an audio tone sounds and LED lights up.

Height is adjustable (approx 56cm>70cm).

The height being adjustable is a great feature which allows tall and small children to use.

Waterproof search coil.

Weight approx 1.5lbs.

6.5 inch waterproof search coil (find treasure in wet grass, in puddles etc).

Requires one 9v battery (not included).

(Adjustable sensitivity)

Detects all metals

Please note that the Search Coil needs to be unfolded before fitting the battery, otherwise (in folded position), it will BEEP constantly because of the search coil detecting the metal rod.


So if you want your kid’s to find your retirement fund, keep watching out for the links on the ACOG site and our Facebook page.

There was a recent announcement that GTAV will be put back to a September 17’th release date. A lot of GTA fan’s are disappointed that they will have to wait still longer for their favorite game, but the developer Rockstar Games have declared that the game will be “right” on release. With this Autumn release now only a few months behind the Next Call of Duty title, will this finally make a dent in COD’s impact this year ? Pre-order your copy now for some ACOG gang chaos online as this game will be like the advert say’s “EPIC” !

This year will also see us give away a copy of GTAV on the platform of your choice in our “Heroes & Villains” Competition, more details will be announced soon. Do you know your Heroes from the Villains ?

All this ACOG goodness coming your way this year, what better reason is there than to be an ACOG and game with friend’s ?

So what games are you currently enjoying ? Are you drifting away from COD & BF3 and playing the open world games like FarCry3, Sleeping Dogs etc ? Although these games are predominantly for the SP, the online MP of these games have some real fun factors thrown in. Take FarCry3 for instance. If you still haven’t played the MP Co-op with ACOG buddies, get yourself online asap, as you are missing out on some real great gaming.

I’m hoping that the next rendition of FarCry will have Co-op, but in Free Roam with friend’s, now that would be awesome !

Battlefield 3 ENDGAME

One of our favourite games is finally seeing the last DLC offering this March. ENDGAME will see a new CTF mode with the addition of motorbikes. BF3 has been like an old friend who has given countless (over 600 in my case) hours of fun online. But, as one chapter closes hopefully a new chapter begins. Battlefield 4, we all know is coming as those who pre-ordered MOH : Warfighter received a beta key. But will BF4 be playable on our current Gen console’s or will we see it arrive with the Next-Gen hardware ?  I can’t wait for BF4 as I have loved every minute of it with my ACOG XBOX squad mates. If you’re a BF fan, do you agree with these 10 thing’s  we want to see in Bf4 ?

It has also been rumoured that a BFBC3 may be next and that this will be current Gen, but as with rumours you just don’t know. However, BFBC2 was also a cracking game, especially the Vietnam DLC, that was probably one of the best DLC pack’s released for a game. In all BFBC2 & BF3 have been like marmite for some ACOG member’s, but for this “Old gamer” some of the best games have been played on the Battlefield with friend’s. Bring on the next chapter……

I’m not going to dwell too much on the Next-Gen hardware as we will hopefully know soon enough, what with SONY’s tease of a video announcing a press conference on 20’th Feb in New York.

So, this time next week we will be excited for a new PS4 or we’ll be WTF was that about !! I am not going to start a fanboy argument about XBOX & PS, but I will ask you this :

When it comes down to Next-Gen hardware, are you certain in your mind what console you are going to buy, if any ?

This decision, assuming you’re buying will be easy for some but, not so for others. Both consoles have their Plus points and Negatives, but which one will see you gaming into the future ? If XBL went Free to Play that would be good, and if the Comm’s were great on SEN, then we’d be happy.

If the rumours are to be believed about both platforms, used game’s will seem to be a thing of the past. This will certainly influence our game buying as no-one want’s to splash £45 on a game and then regret it. Microsoft & SONY may have some future business plan regarding Digital Downloads and alway’s on Internet. Mind you, you could alway’s buy both…….Watch this Space.

Aliens Colonial Marines is out now, and if you were wondering :

Black Ops 2

This game is full of great entertainment and frustration all at once. It would appear that the problems suffered annually by the Call of Duty franchise is NOT console specific. When it plays well, it’s fecking brilliant. But, when it play’s about it’s the biggest pile of dog’s doo going. Yes, I’ve been duped into buying the Revolution DLC, and again it play’s great most of the time, but then “Fuck you, you pile of crap!” Please, Please COD franchise, sort out this reccuring issue and that cash cow you already have would see you into the next century. Oh and yes, we’ve heard that there will be a “NEW” COD game this November.

And Finally : 

Could anyone tell me what the f…. this is about ?

also Katy Perry has the power  :

Until next month ACOG.


Welcome to 2013

The New Year has well and truly begun, HMV has hit the skids.

Also Jessops, and now Blockbuster have followed suit.

The high street entertainment business’s are on their knee’s, so there’ll be no more midnight queuing for your favourite game at these retailers anymore. Play.com have stopped selling DVD & CD’s, so I guess we’re all going DIGITAL. However there is some good news on the horizon for some HMV shops. GAME, last years high street casualty, is looking to take over up to 250 retail units. So there is some gaming light at the end of the retail tunnel if this happens, hopefully keeping some of the HMV staff in employment.

Next-Gen console rumour’s are flying around this month, with speculation that announcements will be made between March & June.

Leaked details suggest that both new consoles from Sony & Microsoft will have a generous amount of processing power and the graphics to back it up as well. There has also been speculation on cost, with rumour again suggesting around the $250-$350 mark for the next XBOX, (£199-£295.) If Next-Gen hardware comes our way this year, I very much doubt many of us ACOG guy’s will rush out and buy one on release, as we’re too cautious and don’t want to buy an inferior release model plagued with teething troubles. I guess it will be early 2014 before any of us decide the time will be right to part with our hard earned dosh. Microsoft has been rumoured to replace the voice chat with Skype which they own, and are closing down MSN in favour of Skype, that is one rumour I tend to believe is true.The MSN service will cease to operate from March 15’th.  Will SONY adopt a better system for their voice chat ? As it is one of the biggest fails that continues on the SEN multiplayer online, to try and communicate with friends in game on occasion, is abysmal.  How many times have you moaned about Voice Chat while in game ? There’s also the chance that the new PS4 will have 50% more power than the next XBOX and 4K capability, but with a 4K TV costing in excess of £7000 at the moment I guess this is pretty much fecking useless. Or, does SONY intend to market a reasonably priced 4K TV  along with the PS4 ? Whatever way you look at, if the games that come with the Next-Gen kit still play shite online and have the “same old” problems as current gen, then what’s the point of owning new shiny hardware ?

Update 18/01 : It has been put out that the PS4 myl drop DualShock in its Next-Gen controllers. Will you miss the “rumble” ?

January Competition

As promised at the start of 2013 we said we would be running competition’s where you, ACOG members could win some prizes for your kid’s, or yourself if you’re a BIG KID ! So to get the ball rolling here is the first competition for you to enter :

You will be able to enter via our Facebook page and the ACOG site. This month’s prize is an RC Subaru Imprezza WRC car 1/18 scale suitable for ages 5+ ( AA batteries will be required.)

All you have to do is comment / like our Facebook competition entry or just add your name to the ACOG forum entry by 31/01 and a winner will be picked at random.

Played FarCy 3 yet ? This game has turned out to be the biggest suprise hit for many of us as it was the last biggish title release of 2012. If you still haven’t got this game I cannot recommend this game enough, it’s like RDR but much more fun. The SP is epic and the Co-op is ideal ACOG gaming fun for 4 at a time. The AI is intelligent and random, the storyline is superb, and the addition of competitive sections amongst the Co-op gameplay is genius. I have never played a FarCry game before this one, and think that I have missed out yet again because of my blinkered game choices. Oh and yes, it is an FPS game as well. Check out all the video on Youtube if you’re still not convinced. If you’re on the PS3, you have even got exclusive DLC that we XBOX guy’s won’t get !

Check out your local GAME store or online for a bargain copy, grab it and 3 ACOG buddies and have a blast. Wild animals, flying in Hang gliders, racing on Quad bikes or in Buggies, Jet Ski’s, what more could you ask for ? There is the Deluxe Bundle available on all platforms now though. Check out the video :

YES, That’s a SHARK !!

And that’s a Fecking Leopard !!


Every weather channel keeps telling us we are in for 6 feet of snow and the country will grind to a halt, we don’t know the meaning of SNOW in this country. Check these out :

When we get snow like that then we can all start to moan a bit more. You know reading all the comments and seeing the news today, made me realise how ill prepaired we are as a Country to adapt to the conditions. The weather forecasters have been saying for a week now that impending Ice Age is coming and we STILL haven’t a fecking clue !! As someone said today “If Hitler had dropped SNOW on Britain during WW11, he would have been able to moondance with his knob out straight into whitehall”

Meanwhile: In Australia record temperatures have hit 46*C in some area’s

Even the railway tracks are melting !!

But this is the image we’re seeing

When’s the next flight out ?

Zombie League was a big fail then ? Good job we can fall back on a reliable format of MW titles to continue Tuesday night’s gaming then. Check out the site forum and add your input as the season 13 will kick off on January 29’th, don’t be late. (When I said “reliable” that was meant with a hint of sarcasm.)

Black Ops 2 DLC Revolution is due 29’th January (XBOX360)

I’m not even going to ask if you’re going to bother with it……

And finally, in the spirit of FarCry 3 :

We’re gonna need a bigger boat !!

Sorry it’s a bit short & sweet this month, but unfortunately real life has got in the way.

Until next time

Christmas ACOGBLOG

Merry Christmas ACOG

In the words of the great Noddy Holder, It’s Christmaaaaaaassssss ! Another 12 months have flown by and as we face the inevitable over eating fest that is the Christmas season, not forgetting the over indulgence of the falling down water either.

Last Years ACOG Christmas Drink ? 

It’s time to reflect on what has passed in 2012.

In ACOG we have had another series of game letdown’s, by the so-called AAA titles that promise us everything, but deliver so little. I don’t need to name & shame the games as we all know what one’s I’m talking about. Bollock’s, yes we will name & shame : MOH:WF,FIFA13 and the latest from Call of Duty :  Black Ops 2. But is it a letdown ?

Black Ops 2 is the game that we Love to Hate, It infuriates us when we play it, yet we keep coming back for more. What is it about the COD series that enchants us ? I for one was determined NOT to rush out and buy BLOPS2 on release, and what happened ? One week after launch it was in my game collection thanks to peer pressure ! Now I find myself playing BLOPS2 every time I fire up the Xbox, and what has become of my beloved BF3 ? It has had a few short outings, even the latest Aftermath DLC has failed to suck me back in completely. My friends are playing BLOPS2 with regularity and when we are all in the same game we do extremely well, mostly finishing as the top 3 or 4 in the match. The Zombies are great fun with friends and add that extra level of gaming that you just don’t get with some other games.

That right there is the appeal of Call of Duty. When it play’s well, it’s bloody brilliant, but when it plays bad you want to throw the controller across the room. You can mess with settings until the cows come home, it wont help you one bit. If the LAG fairy is visiting you that particular night then you’re fecked ! The game for me has great moments, the SP has been particularly good this time out, and it has drawn myself & friends back into it’s clutches. BLOPS2, what the hell, you’ve won me back….. Everything you want to know about BLOPS2 

What have we to look forward to in 2013 ?

If none of those float your boat, then perhaps we should all turn to this :

DarkHorse of 2012

For those of you that still need reminding about a game that you may just be missing out on, FarCry 3. This game is one that you shouldnt miss and get in the January sale. This massive Open World game has more content than you can shake a stick at in the SP mode. As well as 4 player Co-Op there is also Multiplayer for up to 14 players online. If you visit YouTube and watch the FarCry3 video’s, you will see what a fantastic looking game this is, and if your were / are a Red Dead Redemption fan, then this is right up your street. Trust me, if you see this game available in the sales at a knock down price, grab it and have yourself some fun without worrying about your K/D.

Of course we have the rumour’s that the Next-Gen consoles will arrive before the end of 2013 if the Internet is to be believed. But what games will we be playing on our shiny new high-speed gaming goodness ? GTAV is amongst the most anticipated games of 2013, but this we already know will be out on the current Gen kit, even so, it looks great. Tomb Raider is also due out in the spring, and probably the inevitable next Call of Duty in November. But will the next COD be out on Next Gen for Christmas 2013 instead ? If that happens then it might well be worth getting excited about.  Battlefield 4 is one I’d like to see on Next Gen kit for sure, as long as it don’t go too far into the future. Perhaps back to WWII again ?

It’s NOT ‘The End of the World’, (see what I did there) when a game is a let down after the anticipation and media hype surrounding its launch. But you at least want something back for your £50, don’t we ? When you buy that new release now, it inevitably comes with a day one patch and a season pass costing more hard-earned cash. That shiny new game end’s up costing £80 and it’s still not right. As a CLAN we rely on a stable & enjoyable game that will appeal to all our members, and give us that online buzz / laugh out loud moment we all want. We’ve spent a shitload on COD, FIFA and others, so let’s hope that 2013 will bring us that one game that will stand out and make us go mad for our controllers.

Well, the 21st December is nearly upon us and if you believe the Mayans we will not see the 22’nd December(Cough,,,Bullsh*t). Is there a prediction that you can make for the future that will at least have a chance of being true ?  The funniest prediction will win a mystery prize. Post your suggestions on our Facebook page in the comments section for the Prediction’s Competition and the winner will be selected by December 22’nd.

I predict a riot will NOT count !!

What is it that you’ve asked Santa to bring you this year ? Are you getting novelty socks again ? Or are you likely to get something useful ? Let us know what you get over Christmas, so we can all drool over that new tech you received.

We all love a funny furry animal but this takes the biscuit :

New Year resolutions, do you bother ? This coming year 2013, I as an admin, resolve to get a few more ACOG onto the Xbox, whether they are current members or new ones so we can get a decent league / regular game night going on at least one game. We as a CLAN / Site will give away some goodies for members and their children starting in January and this will continue throughout the year. We may even be able to fit in a few proper competitions like the Uncharted one a while back. ACOG is the place to be for the craic and friends throughout 2013 and beyond, so tell those friends that have dropped by the wayside (old & new) to look us up again and join in. The admin do their best to keep ACOG running as do our regular members, but new blood is always welcome, unless it’s that bogus female that keeps joining up ! Who is she ? Post a picture at least FFS !

Recently another gaming site that was a spin-off from one of our old friends Gamerdads imploded big time on Twitter (GamingInn). From what I can make out is that the site owner / community manager decided to add a get out clause for anyone joining and leaving the site. This get out was to charge £30 for the privilege of being a member if they decided to leave. Well, as you can imagine this went down like a lead balloon and now the site has virtually zero members. This is one thing that ACOG will NEVER do ! We have been going strong now for over 3 years and we have all become great friends, so remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the gaming clan fence. ACOG rocks !!

Do you use Google ?

Mad Mary was whizzing around the mental hospital in her wheelchair when she was stopped by Crazy Carl. “Licence please,” he said, Mary sped off round the corner and bumped into Looney Leon. “Insurance please,” said Leon. Mary zoomed off until she was stopped by Donkey Dave who was standing there naked with a 9 inch hard on. “Oh no,”cried Mary, “Not the breathalyser again!”

New Year celebrations planned ? Look up these deals for a night of cheap drinking before the Government spoils it and knocks cheap booze on the head :

Online drink merchant

Tesco Wines

Tesco Beers

Morrisons Drinks

2013 promises to have some great film releases coming our way. Here are a few to look forward too :

The Lone Ranger

Man of Steel

The Last Stand

A great DVD / download for the kids this Christmas :


A festive and finally :

Merry Christmas guy’s from ALL the admin and have a great New Year


PS : Please remember a doggy is not just for Christmas….It’s a great position all year round!

November Birthday Edition

Well, It’s our Third Birthday.

Happy birthday ACOG.!!

Well who would have guessed it…. We’ve managed 3 years as a CLAN, and in that time some great friendships have been formed.

Although ACOG predominantly consists of its core regular members, we have picked up some new friends along the way. ACOG’s common interest is gaming (& beer), it has become a very social site where we can dip in & out of conversations on a daily basis if we want to. We’ve also got members on multiple platforms now, PS3 & XBOX . This would have been unthinkable in our early days, as the XBOX was a dirty word ! but the XBOX side is growing and  could always do with more members.

We have our Facebook page and our @acogsocial / @ACOGClan Twitter accounts to reach other like minded “older gamers” as we continue on. Although I’m not quite sure where we picked up the 14yr old Yank kid ? ACOG is a lot of things, a gaming Clan, a social club, and a place to visit with friends for a chat. But above all, ACOG is here for its members to participate in and enjoy. WE are ACOG and we’re here to stay. So have a birthday drink and raise a bottle or two to Old Friends on our third birthday.

Cheers, and Happy Birthday ACOG

To all our long standing and new members, We Thank You for sticking around and for joining us.

On this day in History: 14’th November

1972 – Blue Ribbon Sports became Nike.

1975- Queen played the first of two nights at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool, England, the first nights on their 78-date A Night At The Opera World Tour.

1975-Born on this day, Faye Tozer, Steps

1981 – 2nd Space Shuttle Mission – Columbia 2 returns to Earth

1987-T’Pau started a five week run at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘China In Your Hand.


We will endeavour to have a few more organised events/competitions in 2013, whether they are online game nights, or physical meet ups in the coming 12 months. Keep an eye out on the Main page or our Facebook page for any details.

Speaking of which :

ACOG Christmas Drink

15’th December in the North ACOG constituency’s for the Christmas Drink with as many of you who can make it. – If you can go, check out the Forum for more details.

Upcoming Competitions

You may have seen a Forum post requesting some info on whether you have children and what age’s they are. Well, here is what’s going to happen. Starting in the New Year there will be regular competitions for ALL ACOG’s to enter to win Prize’s for your kids ! The prize’s will be appropriate to their age’s, hence the questions you answered. The competition will be fairly easy and will consist of simple questions / multiple choice like the one’s you see regularly on TV.

A selection of the prizes that will be available starting January 2013 :

Remote Control Cars


Magic Tricks

Remote Control Helicopter

iTunes Vouchers

3D Magic Colour n Glow

That is just a selection of what you could win for your kids, so keep watching the site and our Facebook page for details.

Black Ops 2 came out yesterday, and early indications are favourable at best. A league will be starting next week Tuesday (20th) on PS3, with an FFA league happening on the XBOX too at some point. I’m sure there will be some test nights as we get to grips with the set up of this new outing.(Those holding out….. What you waiting for ? *see below )
With this new COD game, we’re hoping the league will run smoother than previous attempts on MW3 and we return to the heady day’s of our MW2 game nights. The Zombie mode may well feature more heavily this time out as well, because Treyarch have devoted more standalone content into the Zombie mode. This mode could give ACOG some FUN gaming nights, we had a few on XBOX with the original BLOPS and they were a real laugh.

With BLOPS2 also comes the free ELITE this year, so we can probably make more use of its stats for some internal clan competition(s).

So, have you bought Black Ops 2 yet ? Is it living up to the hype or is it meh  ? The CBOX has been full of comments about the game, but what do you really think ? *Have you held off until another ACOG gives it the thumbs up ? Whatever you’ve done, you know you will end up with the game just to join in the fun/moaning. Won’t you !— PEER PRESSURE FTW

Hopefully this will get fixed asap

Sagar received his BLOPS2 Hardened Edition Prize for Winning the Expoo 2012 FFA Competition on release day.

(Waiting for picture Sagar)

Hardened Edition Contents looks good

Christmas is coming

What’s on your Christmas list this year ? We’ve found a few items that you might be interested in asking Santa for :

1. Pioneer DDJ-WeGo for all the budding music enthusiasts / DJ’s among us  From :  £230

2. VooDoo HooDoo Mountain Bike (2012)  Around £500

3.  Renegade Game Chair Around £230   

4. Spirits Dispenser Around £25

5. Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control Around £59,99

Better than socks don’t you think….

And Finally :

‘Cat Man’ Dennis Avner has been found dead at his home after reportedly killing himself, according to friends.

The U.S. Navy veteran spent years undergoing radical body modifications including whiskers, ears and a mechanical tail, so he looked like a feline cat.

His efforts won him a Guinness World Record and he was a regular feature at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! around the world.

The 54-year-old’s body was found in his Tonopah home on November 5.

That’s it for this month, see you all back here for the Christmas Edition




What a great start to October for ACOG. We have got an active Facebook site, a Daily newspaper and now a shiny new site!

While the old site suited our purpose the new one has more social integration and allows members…..No, encourages members to be more social with their content.
A great deal of time and effort has been put into this, mainly by Slickers who deserves a huge thank you on our behalf.

Other members have contributed with their ideas / time and input as well, and for this we are grateful. It may not seem it but a lot of time and effort by the admin goes into keeping your favourite clan site running and engaging.

If you need to know “how to” on the new site, Slicker’s has posted this Tips n Tricks entry for you

The latest season 11 is well underway on MW3, and with the near imminent release of BLOPS2, season 12 already has a listing in the groups section of the new site. (See Tips n Tricks) You can link directly with all the ACOG social media from the top menu bar, so you have everything to hand.

Some members have been noticeable by their absence, but lets hope the new site etc, will encourage them to put in an appearance in the cbox.
The site will develop and evolve as we progress and that can only happen with your continued support and input.

There’s some great games on the horizon not only on PS3 but XBOX as well. Medal of Honor:WarFighter  just had it’s exclusive beta on the ‘Darkside’, and most of us enjoyed it, here’s hoping the full game used the beta data usefully.

You can check out the BETA feedback here : Medal of Honor Warfighter BETA TEST DATA (Released in the UK 26’th Oct)

This week (16’th Oct) see’s PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale get’s a demo for PS3 owners to try out. It looks a bit like Streetfighter, but with all your favourite PS3 characters.

What with MoHWF & BLOPS2, the already released F1 2012, then FarCry3 , NFSMW and on XBOX, Forza Horizon, all coming soon. A  plethora of new games, a new site and a buzz back in ACOG. We can look forward to our 3’rd birthday next month and some decent game nights once again.

One game that has drawn some great interest among us is FIFA13. ACOG FC play regularly,with some good video coming from their games, which is thanks to Andy (STJimmyEFC). The goal of the week competition is a  feature I enjoy even though I know Feck all about Footy.

There has also been talk of an FFA league on XBOX with the release of BLOPS2! As well as a cross platform competition. I’m personally pleased about this, but I didn’t intend getting BLOPS2, peer pressure eh!

So let’s look forward to this new era within ACOG, and get some great game nights going once again.

I hate to say it but, Christmas isn’t that far away now. As the BLOG mentioned earlier there are some great looking games coming our way, so here is a proper list for you to check out :

   Released 26’th October. This is a follow on from the 2010 game which played good, but had a few issues in it’s multiplayer. The recent BETA hopefully addressed these and have been corrected in the full game.

Watch the Medal of Honor Warfighter single player footage first revealed at E3 2012. Tier 1 Operators land in Somalia’s Pirate Town in an effort to bring order to the country’s southern region.

  Released 13’th November. This game is a bone of contention among us. We have had some bad experiences with the last few COD games since MW2. But, this one is looking increasingly better the nearer the release date gets. It was announced that ELITE will be free with this, but the Map packs will be available at a discount with a Season Pass, or available seperately. The rumoured cost of the Season Pass is £34.99 currently, and as yet no price has been validated for the Map Packs. Although we are wary of any more COD failures, I believe this one will end up in your collection, “eventually”.

Black Ops 2 Gameplay : Extended Footage Mission 1

  Already on sale. This game has had some success amongst ACOG, but will it drum up enough support this time around?

F! 2012 Champions Mode – Lewis Hamilton Challenge (XBOX360)

  Released 4’th Dec. At the recent Euro_gamer Expo we managed a few minutes on this, and we have to say it is pretty good. This is an open world game and allows you to immerse yourself in the game in whichever way you decide. The multiplayer is 4 player Co-op, so there is some fun element to be had with fellow ACOG’s.

FarCry3 Open World Design

  Released 30’th October. If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out below. This looks like it has potential for some great fun online with friends. It looks a bit like a Burnout game which gave us some laughs when playing it.

Need for Speed, Find it Drive it

  Released 26’th October (XBOX only) The recent demo allowed us to try this one out and it looked fantastic. This is set in Colorado and again it’s Open World, allowing you to free roam and race wherever / whenever you want to. This has some great online game modes, including the “Rivals” which pits you against your friends list to beat the best times set.

Forza Horizon Official Gameplay Trailer

So all in all, some good games coming our way.It’s just a case of “choose wisely” and your gaming nights with ACOG will be full of banter & laughs.

On a membership note : The Admin will be amending our site Netiquette to include a section of the following statement :

The admin recently had to suspend an ACOG member for repeat violations of our forum Netiquette. We will add that if any ACOG member is serving a suspension / ban, then they will not be included in any ACOG events during that period. We are NOT trying to tell you who you can & cannot be friends with online, just that we ask you abide by any Admin ruling concerning ACOG events. (This includes ACOG league events.)

Again these Netiquette guidelines are there to make using and participating in ACOG a pleasent and friendly experience, if you feel you need to reaquaint yourselves with the guidelines, they can be found here : Netiquette

And finally : If you are not aware, we also have The Daily ACOG SPORT EDITION which runs alongside it’s sister paper. This SPORT EDITION will now include all your favourite lady pictures. The SPORT EDITION will NOT be posting any of these pictures to our Facebook page , so you can be assured that they will not show on your personal timeline. You can access it via the Daily ACOG link when you are looking at that. This will now include such lovelies as :

Melissa Debling

Alli Marie

plus many more……


Over and out for now


P.S Don’t forget if you wish to contribute to the ACOGBLOG or even have a news item you feel needs to be included in our newspapers, then let us know via the site PM, or email : acogsocial@mail.com.


Euro_gamer Expo 2012

Well what a day that was. Monkum’s,Slickers and myself attended this year’s Expo at Earls Court on Saturday 29’th Sept. We had early entry tickets and they worked out a treat as we headed straight to the BLOPS2 area and joined the queue.


Note : Over 18 only….. (yeah right !)

After a 50 minute wait we were on!

The main thing that stood out first was that all the controllers were xbox, no PS3 controllers? We played 2 games, first was Kill confirmed and then TDM. The TDM game allowed the winning team to win Black Ops 2 T-shirts, alas we didn’t win, but we came a respectable third (out of 4 teams…)
The maps had a familiar look as COD games do, and the gameplay was also as we expect COD games to be. A few cogger’s suggested last years MW3 was in fact MW2.5. Well BLOPS2 is  set in the near future,the year 2025 to be precise. But although this game is near future it seems old and familiar. Don’t get me wrong.This Treyarch game looks pretty good considering it still runs on the original COD engine, but it didn’t smack me in the face and say “Look, I’m all shiny and new”.

The set ups allow for more customisation, picking your weapon and adding your favourite sight, accessory etc, is there for you. Plus the score streaks etc, give you plenty of choice.

The game plays like every other COD game you’ve played, so nothing new here. The maps also feel / look similar, I mentioned to Slick how familiar it looked to previous outings. There’s no doubt BLOPS2 will sell millions of copies, and if you’re a COD fan then you will love it too. Monkum’s has already pre-ordered it and loved his hands on time at Expo, so that’s 1 thumbs up. As for Slickers and myself, were still not excited but know we will end up getting it. Deja Vu is the most appropriate words I can use to best describe BLOPS2. Of course the Zombies in BLOPS2 was not playable or even mentioned at Expo, so for this one we will have to wait and see, if your a Zombie fan.

Next up is Medal of Honor : Warfighter. This is one of the games I was looking forward to. A bit of a wait again, but nowhere near the BLOPS2 queue. Slickers first comment was it looked “cartoony“, but I didn’t see it. Again we had about 12 mins hands on time, so we managed a decent few games again to judge our first impressions.

Me being a big bf3 fan, was expecting similarities with it, but no. Medal of Honor:War Fighter is a different game altogether. We played a plant the bomb style game and you are placed in Fireteams , which means you get to spawn on your Fireteam mate. The first noticeable difference was when you were going to respawn, if your team mate was under fire it gave you the option to fallback or wait. The waiting time for team mate respawn did seem long in some instances, particularly if they were under heavy suppression. This isn’t a bad thing but, you might get impatient with waiting or falling back.
You have the ability to “see” your team mate on the map at most times, so keeping your buddy near is easy. You can also supply your Fireteam with ammo or healing if so required. While I was waiting to play a kid in front of me was having a go. Wait a minute A KID !!! I asked the staff guy what was the age limit on this game, he said “16, but it’s ok his dad is with him”, this kid was about 12. Apart from being concerned that a 12 yr old was playing a 16 rated game at Expo, it’s that MoH:WF will be the new “KID’s COD” game to play if mum / dad buy’s it for them. Does this mean that MoH will become infested with youngster’s and it may become the great game I want after BF3, but I won’t play it because of this ? We’ll see soon enough. If you’re not keen on BF3 then you won’t like MoH:WF either. The gameplay is in no way comparable to any COD game, and certainly not like BF3 either. Slicker’s & Monkum’s didn’t come off this one with a buzz.

Monkum’s and Me

Tomb Raider

Monkum’s tried his hand at the next reincarnation of Tombraider, at the request of his daughter. As we spectated, and he played. I thought wow, this has come on a bit. This game, as like many others at Expo looked fantastic, the cinematic’s and gameplay flowed as they do now with some great immersion in the game coming as standard. The level Monkum’s played was the demo as seen at the recent E3, the Hunt level, where Lara has to find food, shelter and warmth to survive, while searching for survivors of the shipwreck. Both Slickers and I commented that it looked good, but Lara at one point was shivering, and we said that it wasn’t real enough as her nipples weren’t even hard !! For me it had a sort of Uncharted feel to it, which isn’t a bad thing, as Uncharted is still one of the best game’s on the PS3. If you’re a Tombraider Uncharted fan you will love this when it is released in Spring 2013.

While moving about Expo we noted some going’s on with the odd random Zombie making an appearance :

That guy look’s like he will sh*t his pant’s.

The Zombies were there for Resident Evil 6 :

You will notice in the background of the picture above Aliens Colonial Marines. We never tried this one out as it was on PC only and we didn’t fancy looking silly while trying to use a mouse and a keyboard ! We did spot these there though :

What we did notice while watching others play, was that it did look good ! The Xenomorph’s were awesome on-screen, and a bit scary.

This guy popped up amongst the crowd, and we found him !! Looking at him I bet his real name is Wally too ! (The guy on the left has some f*cking scary eyes as well.)

Forza Horizon

We had a go at the XBOX equivalent of Gran Turismo, Forza Horizon. This game is the XBOX car game to beat on this platform. This version comes not long after Forza 4 was released late last year. The demo gifted you a drive in the Dodge Viper ST10, not my first choice of car to try I admit, but Monkum’s and I managed a respectable 4’th and 2’nd place. This for me will be a definite purchase, and one away from an FPS as something different and fun, hopefully my XBOX buddies will feel the same. (Peer pressure works on the darkside too!!)

OOH look, a NUN with a Gun …. and Hitman himself (47) . Hitman Absolution


Monkum’s tried his hand at Dust 514 (stylized as EVE: DUST 514) it’s an upcoming free to play console-based FPS set within the Eve Universe, and developed by CCP Games. At first sight the game looks good enough to have on your HDD as a bit of fun, but if you want to progress in this game you will have to part with “real” money to purchase the required goodies to level up.

We also saw this guy wandering the show floor :

Halo 4 

This next episode in the Halo franchise is of course an xbox exclusive so we didn’t give this one a try, but check this out :

This was also at Expo but we didn’t get on it :

I was stopped from taking any more pictures……

The biggest suprise of EGXP :  FarCry 3

We queued up to play this one as again, I fancied having some hands on time from watching all those teaser video’s on Youtube. We played about 6 mins of what appeared to be the opening level of the game, but here’s what makes this game different. We all played the same level in our own way. This game is “Open World” so you can approach this game in whatever style you wish and your actions will have consequences on the way you play. I grabbed a car and drove to the checkpoint, Monkum’s and Slickers did something they wanted. At one point I was attacked by a wild Goat and fired off a couple of shots to put it down, but this attracted un-friendlies and I ended up in a fire fight. When we all came off the game, Slickers said ” That was good, I might have to get that”. FarCry 3 is a fantastic looking game on any modern TV, but above all it will give countless hours of entertainment while you complete the many tasks available. There is 4 player online Co-op as well.

Also at Expo we ventured into the Retro games area where memories of consoles past came flooding back. The BBC Micro, the ZX Spectrum and many others were there to prompt some childhood memories of hours lost to our then, console.

Other games at Expo this year included : F1 2012, F1 Race Stars, LBP Karting, Dishonored and many more. We weren’t able to play all of them but what we did see, whatever your gaming tastes the remainder of this year and into next is looking good, with some real great games on the horizon.

F1 Race Stars

F1 2012

LBP Karting

After a long day walking around and eating a £ 4.50 pasty…Don’t ask ! A good day was had by all. Hopefully next year the ACOG contingent will be far greater.

Til next time